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  1. That'd be awesome! Let me know if you find it!
  2. I'm in charleston. I'll probably be asking you a bunch of questions as I get deeper into this. I actually tracked Karim down on nasioc, so we'll see how that works out. Otherwise rawbrokerage seems pretty legitimate too. I've been looking here and on craigslist for cars and have found a few candidates. The thing is, i really really really really really hate rust and body work. I'd rather just not deal with it, even if it means spending a little more on the car. I've been going back and forth with the owner of this thing, and overall am pretty impressed with it. I think it'd be a
  3. Hey, so I've been sort of infatuated lately with getting a 240z and sticking an rb26 into it. Did some research about where to pick up an rb, and have been mostly unimpressed with most of the places. I've seen mentioned here multiple times about a guy Karim w/ a SN of racer98, however can't seem to find him on the board. Anyone know if he's still around? Otherwise I'm located in SC, would rather pick up a motor from the southeast. I've heard good things about JEI in VA, so thats probably at the top of my list right now. Otherwise I'm just searching for a solid 240 right now (i hate rus
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