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  1. Thanks for all the useful responses. Helped me see everything involved with the swap and what I would need, I appreciate it.
  2. Would I be correct in assuming the bearing you are talking about is circled in red, and the bushing that needs to be put in would go in the blue circle? Or would I have to have three bushings, one for each of the 3 smaller holes? Of course if I had a trans and bellhousing to play with I could probably see exactly what needed to happen. This is the only picture I could find that has a good view of the inside of an SR bellhousing, the KA just happens to be next to it.
  3. Let me start over.. and just ask a very simple question so I don't get arguements over whether it's the best route to go or not; simply is it practical(NOT more practical than something else), or should I say "Easily enough done" CAN an L28 transmission be bolted to an SR motor and bellhousing? Is there anything I should be worried about? Does anyone that knows whether it will work or not have anything to contribute? Does anyone that has an idea of whether it will work or not have anything to contribute? Assume that an SR transmission will not work for my application no matter what. Neither will a KA. Only an L28 transmission will work. Assuming that, if you still have a response then I will be very interested in hearing from you. I hate to sound like a ---- but this is the answer I'm looking for, not "No you're wrong don't do it because xxx" Thanks, John
  4. I am wanting to use the same transmission to save money and also so I don't have to fab transmission mounts or shorten the driveline. I noted that the trans shouldn't see more than about 240 ft-lbs of torque with my plans, which it should hold up to. I don't plan on auto-crossing or offroading or any of that silly business. It's simply a daily driver, and won't see alot of hard driving. One more reason, I have the 3.36 gears and live in oregon - it's rare to find a road to drive much faster than 55-60 on.. I wouldn't have a use for 5th gear without putting a lower geared differential in. In any case, the idea is to save money by not having to buy the transmission. This is, of course, assuming I can find a bellhousing and clutch for the SR for cheap enough to justify it, or buy a whole motor/trans combo and sell the transmission. My question was more towards whether is was physically possible / practical, not whether it would hold up to the power or if there was a better transmission to use for more money. Thanks, John.
  5. I've done some research on the combo.. I can't see where it's ever been done. However, The transmissions behind an L28, KA24, and SR20 are supposed to be nearly identical minus the bellhousings. Does anybody see any reason why an L28 transmission could not be bolted to an SR20DET, with an SR20 bellhousing and SR20 clutch? I'm not worried about durability, as the L28 trans *should* hold up to 300hp+ L28ETs. I am not planning on building a high hp SR20, at most 10psi of boost with stock ECU. It shouldn't see 250rwhp.(and if I add it up right 240rwtq). I have seen where an SR20 transmission has been successfully bolted to an L28ET, I believe the only modification was a slight grinding on the order of a few thousandths somewhere, but i don't remember the details. I have also seen where the KA24DE transmissions will bolt to an SR20DET, and the other way around with no modifications. As far as I can tell, my idea SHOULD work. If not, let me know! Thanks, John.
  6. Alrighty, I'm planning on getting a 240z and V8-ing it. No surprise there . I'm not positive on the exact motor, but I'm thinking just a clean, simple brand new chevy 350, and have a few questions. You may answer as many or as few questions, or none at all if you wish . I also have plenty of time before I even get my car, so no rush - if you want to contact me it can be arranged, especially if you can be a help . 1. Any other motors that would be better overall? I just like the idea of a new one. 2. Will the tranny fit right or will I need a new one? Or should I get a 5-speed right away to reduce hassle?(I'm not too fond of the idea of pulling out a tranny from underneath) 3. Will I need to cut into the fenders/firewall/anywhere else? Or will it drop right in? 4. Estimated mileage difference? 5. Suspension? 6. Any tips/Cautions/Advice?
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