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  1. Andrew: I left a message on your coldfusion web site and have tried contacting you several times over the summer. Please reply to z240@shaw.ca regarding the whereabouts of the EDIS stuff you sent me.


  2. It was in the back of my Integra when it was stolen :(

  3. It was in the back of my Integra when it was stolen :(

  4. Did you ever sell that intake manifold??

  5. Hey Sane, I'm working on getting it in the mail. Things have been a little crazy because I'm in the middle of moving to California this week. I'll email you the UPS number when it goes out!

  6. Hey, I was just wondering if you sent out the MegaSquirt yet? I already sent the payment so just wanted an update on the status of the shipment. Thanks!

  7. So.....this got a little out of hand. I guess I won't share little projects anymore.
  8. Hey, just curious if you shipped the couplers.


  9. Need an ac bracket for a 280z. Ideally with the idler. Andrewmccalip@gmail.com
  10. Hey, sent you an email and money! I had an additional question.


  11. Sure! Let me know what it will cost.

    My paypal is derek_mickelson@ hotmail.com


  12. I used 2.5" to 3" 90 degree silicone elbows. I may actually still have the old ones around here. I'll check for you tomorrow morning.

  13. Hey, just got the intercooler mounted! :) But I had a question, what elbows did you use for coming out of the intercooler and going through the core support? It looks like its going to be really tight.


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