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  1. this was the ad i saw on CL 3 used turbochargers from late model mazdas. (speed6/speed3/cx7) perfect for rebuilding and using on whatever you can adapt it to. Local pickup only-cash only. $150 for ALL 3. i went to see the guy he is a mazda mech. i actually went to the mazda dealership where he worked. he said all they would do is put them in the trash if no one wanted them. anyway my question is is it worth it to pick them up for a cheap build when i know they are taken out for a reason. he says after the cars have been idleing for a whle they smoke. which is a common problem on these turbos from mazda. something with the pcv. my question is are these a good turbo to try to wet my mouth with for a l28 or Ka turbo build. he is just selling the turbos with one water fitting. they are internally waste gated. and they are stock mazda parts. part num is k0422-582. if i want more boost i have 3 so i could do a TT or a TTT (lol..just kidding) setup. edit---- i foound this about the turbos. when i do these calculations for the l28 i get 388 and for the ka24 i get 333. I think that number is based on the Audi/VW 1.8L engine family as this is the same turbo found on those cars. Take 250 and divide by 1.8, then multiply the answer by 2.3, you get about 320 HP which is about what our cars max out at at the crank with CAI, TBE, and upgraded TMIC. (Based on dynos of about 280 WHP, take 280 and divide by .88 {roughly the drivetrain efficiency} and you get about 320. Hope that helps (and is correct).
  2. ok i have done a search and found a little info but i want to get a definite answer. i want to swap a ka into a z without changing the gearbox. i know u have to get the ecu, engine, throttle linkage, and new mounts. my question is kinda simple will the stock l28 5pd work with the ka and what else am i mising from the swap. i figure the power steering pump has to be moved. also am i just wasting my time doing this. i see that according to the Wikipedia that the ka has more HP/LBS than the l28. i want to eventually piece together a ka(t). thank you for any info you can give me. once again i did search and found some stuff but i would like a answer from someone that have done it.
  3. i like the honda engine that is in the s-2000. it is only for cyl. and akes 215 hp stock. plus it has the v-tech setup. i t seems like a good idea to me. ICEMAN
  4. so wahts the fix for that and is it easy to do for a 1st timer. same goes for the brakes i never bleed brakes before. i have little experiance with welding in floors but is that a doable job for a amatuer. ICEMAN
  5. i went to look at a 1978 280 the other day. i saw it before but at that time i was not ready to jump and buy it. but anyway i went back 2 days ago and between the 3-4 months its been sitting since i saw it the clutch cable broke or so i think. the car did work and i drove it up and down the drive way the last time i was there. but this recent visit the clutch didnt work. but my question is should the car start up without depressing the clutch and having the trany in gear. the car ran smooth and we did rev the engine. also this is of topic but how bad is floor pans to change. the car need that and a piece if the radiator support also needs to be welded up where the identification (i think its the color code sticker it was plastic not metal like the vin) tag is. overall the car is solid but im still cautious he is asking $600 and the engine is rebuilt so i guess its not a bad deal. need brakes and tranny work. and some rust removal. just want your input. ICEMAN
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