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  1. Already got one yesterday. Thanks to all of you for the help
  2. I have a '74 260z with a 240z hatch. Hatch only has a spot for one strut but with a BRE fiberglass spoiler the one strut cannot hold the weight. I've had one blow already. So I will drill some holes and install another.
  3. I Need the right side hatch strut bracket. The one that secures the strut to the hatch.
  4. PM sent! Spent roughly about $3,000 in total on the rear end for those who are wondering how much it will cost. Rough price breakdown: Mustang 8.8 Diff ------------------------------------- $175 Ford 9" ends-------------------------------------------$80 Shortening/Welding------------------------------------$150 Custom Moser 31 spline axles--------------------------------$500 Gears-------------------------------------------------------$180 Rear cover-------------------------------------------------$80 Cobra Drive shaft flange---------------------------------$35 Ford Racing 31 spline LSD-----------------------------$250 Competition Engineering 4 link kit---------------------$400 Competition Engineering Pan-hard bar---------------$100 Competition Engineering Coil-over kit ----------------$400
  5. The shock mounts are a bit angled. The top mounting points are about 1" more leaning towards the center than the bottom mounting points. I am using Competition Engineering C2765 Coilovers. they do have swivel links on the top, that is why its not making sense to me. I am gong to cycle the suspension through to see if it binds anywhere after Christmas. I just hope I can solve this issue without buying anymore things. This setup already burnt a hole in my wallet... Also thanks Socorob! Pretty cool info!
  6. Thanks!! and that is exactly what i plan on doing when i get the replacement shock.
  7. I just took a welding class in Aviation Mechanics school and they Aircraft Maint. textbook explains how its better to weld Aluminum in DC reverse polarity. They say it brings the oxides out of the metal much quicker than AC does. I am also looking to get a TIG, had my eye set on the Hobart EZ-TIG 165i. Let me know what you guys think. since ive been welding MIG for a while already and its just time to start messing with the TIG.
  8. What do you mean by roll steer or anti squat? Do you think maybe the issue is because i have the shocks straight up and not in an angle?
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Bohdan and I have a '74 260z that i just finished converting to a Ford 8.8 solid rear end. Drove the car for a few days and snapped one of the rear coilover shocks. i was making a right turn into a gas station very slow as my spring just shot out into the street. I have no idea why it would snap but maybe some of you with more experience in the solid axle side could help or at least guide me in the right direction. I am running the Competition engineering 4 link kit along with a panhard bar and their adjustable coilover kit. I will post some pictures as well so you can see my setup.
  10. Well then make me a few. I will pay $10 per bracket. you make $5, easy money. I can buy in bulk
  11. My main point here is that you will be able to use the Z32 rotors. Not a custom rotor that will be hard to find when needs replacing. The Z32 uses a vented rotor on the rear and dual piston calipers. These are the brackets that i had on my z on the rear.
  12. Well if it is that cheap then how come they are not available? And looks like you dont know that much about it since you think it's just a piece of steel and cardboard template used to mock it up. Like I said these will be made to whoever wants them.
  13. This thread is for people who are interested. If you are not interested then dont bother wasting your time to tell me how they should be worth 70% less
  14. I do realize that there is an acceptable price for everything. But no one is going to make those brackets for $100. If you dont want to pay for what it is actually worth then you have no business upgrading your brakes. You can go get duralast gold brake pads for $35 and be happy. I myself would pay $300 for those brackets even though I can make them myself. And I would just get me a set if they were available, but now I see why no one makes them, since "they should be worth $100"
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