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  1. i see huge intercooler and brake duct hoses behind Owen's air dam
  2. i have a set of epsilon(don't know what model) wheels. they are three piece. i want to change the face plate since they are bent and too thin after being grinded so many times. where should i go?
  3. i adjust the float somehow, and the car runs fine. i ordered new vavles from Ztherapy just in case. thank you for your help!
  4. my rear carb is outputting tou much gas, mixture knob is turned all the way in, but still a lot of gas in carb. i am not sure but may be the float is too high and gas pressure is high to output more gas than needed. if so, how you adjust it? or is it something else? thankyou
  5. 73 240z 1 battery died on freeway. 2 put new battery and alternator. 3 car run. 4 after stopped, no electricity even ignition key turned. 5 when jumped, electricity on, starter clanks and engine starts. 6 go back to process 4 i have no idea, please help hiromi
  6. i am going to install camber adjust bushing from MSA on my 240z. any advices? i heard they are hard to align. thanks
  7. hiromino

    FCR carbs

    i saw an ad of a shop who sell FCRs for L-series engine. the shop is in japan, and the price for them is around $2000.
  8. hi! thank you to everybody. i believe i have 73 240z e88 head. seems like i better buy L28 and not mess around with turbo engine.
  9. hi Lockjaw . i know there are two kinds of e88 head but i am not sure which one i have. how can i check it?
  10. hi. i am a question. i am not an expert this might be too stupid question for you but please help me. a friend of mine is selling L28 turbo block. i have an e88 head on my L24. i am wondering if i can use the block with e88 head and make L28. i am not sure about compression. e88 is higher comp since it is NA and the block has longer stroke and lower comp. to make it simple, it is possible to just put e88 on turbo block and use as L28 NA? thank you
  11. hi. this may be because of ignition problem. everytime i start my car for the first time of a day my car doesn't idle well. so i push gas, however, when i step on gas while the car is on idle i hear spark from under the dash. i am running on SUs so i understand the carbs need to be warm up. but still spark from dash is something i don't like. can't explain well. anyone had similar problem? any advise is appreciated!
  12. hi! yo if you want wangan midnight movie copies, i can make it fo ryou. also, the game "wangan Midnight" has arrived at the store i work!! so anyone who has JP PS2 or modified US PS2 can play it. it's aweeeesome! hiromi
  13. not Vdei Japan, "Video Japan" at Carson and Western
  14. one more thing. i have access to Wangan Midnight movies so if anyone interested just stop by at Vdei Japan in Torrance on Saturday and Sunday after 9pm.
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