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  1. I have a rb25det, arp head studs tomei head gasket jun style intake manifold q45 throttle body pallnet fuel rail with 440cc injectors hks cam gears hks timingbelt spec stage 3+ clutch has about 2000 miles on it and a rb25det trans with stock ECM but don't have the stock wiring harness and a megasquirt ECM and harness with coilpacks.... Missing the oil pan, turbo stuff and need some spark plug wires if u wanna run the megasquirt. 2500.
  2. From what i was told they are mchinney motor mounts, Yea they bolt to the stock motor mount holes Well quick update.. nothing to special yet as I just moved and still getting everything over here, car is still at my bros house. But, I got my new turbo, Turbonetics T72 BB turbo.. Will get beck with pics and more updates scott
  3. Well the first z I was trying to build didnt work out so well... needless to say sold all my z stuff, kept the R34 NEO6, put it in a s14, had some fun with that till I came accross a z that seemed to be calling my name. Traded the s14 chassis for the 240z chassis, And well folks.. Im gonna try this again 73 240z, No rust that I can find so far so pretty happy about that. My last z was a rust buctet The motor mounts, drive shaft and oil pan where part of the trade Mchinney motor mounts and drive shaft and the oil pan I needa mod some more to put its capacity back to atleast stock This is the NEO6 I was running in my S14. Current mods: ARP head studs Tomei 1.2mm head gasket JUN style intake manifold Q45 throttle body JYC top mount injector rail 440cc top mount injectors (Tooo small....) Rb20det intake cam HKS cam gears HKS timing belt (I had a oil leak thats why its black...sucks....) Stock turbo mani moded for external wastegate Synapse 50mm wastegate Ebay t3/t4 70 ar 63 ar stg 3 turbo (Have a turbonetics BB t4 turbo to replace it.. I'll show ya later) Megasquirt EMS Well its a start. Scott
  4. well... after working out some bugs, and there are still alot more bugs... but got the car running and base tuned to where it drives around and dosnt go dangerously into lean or rich. and then a local shop had a dyno day, so figured what the heck, and put down 300whp and 287 wtq. and still building power, but having lil prob and red limiter is kicking at 6000 instead of 7. car still needs quit a bit of tuning/bug working out. but happy with the base numbers. this is at 1.0 bar. I have videos and dyno sheet, will post when i get a chance. scott
  5. Newest updates. The floor is finnaly done, well except for i have to finish welding, but i ran out of welding gas, But the fabricating part of the floor is done. I had to sink the pedals into the wheel well, because im to tall. Got the pedals in, looks awsome, more and more like a race car. I also started the modify the rear end to accept the s13 rear end, got as far as i could without more parts, need some metal and bolts, but everything was closed, hollidays... lol. Well here are some pics. Some of the pics are crappy, it was dark, and my flashlight wasnt cutting it. ill get some better ones later and here is a pic of the rear end getting modified Until next time Scott
  6. Well, have not posted for a while, haven't worked on my car for couple months.. sad. Well, Im back now. Let the build be back on its way. New with the car i just got the pedals and the fuel cell. pedals are Tilton Engineering floor mount pedals. They are amazingly awsome in person, the past 2 days I've been carring them around with me showing them to my car buddies. lol. and i got a 15gal fuel cell, same one i used in my lil bros car, that way when we go out, we'll both need to get gas at the same time... lol, jk. Well those where the 2 major parts i needed to get this car very far along the way from where it is now. here are some pics of the parts.. Also, I know its not related to my build, but it has to do with cars so figured i would share. Bought my first brand new car just recently. Aspin white 2008 sti Here is a couple pics. Well, now i will be back hard at work on my z. Will keep you guys posted on progress. Scott
  7. its a v2.2 i believe, i donno alot about that part, a buddy of mine is doing that part
  8. shouldnt matter to much, ive welded stainless, only thing really is you have to be more "careful" (lol) with heat, stainless usually thinner then mild steel for exhausts. but im no welding master, and ive only welded stainless 2, maybe 3 times, could be wrong. yea shes gonna get beat up on, i need to put a flex pipe, and modify the pipe that gose under the trans mount, it hangs to close to the ground, hites the ground just bringing it out of the garage, dont wanna hit the ground and brake anything
  9. thanks, yea, this is fine to have some fun with, heck the stock set up is fine to go have fun with, rb = fun
  10. thanks, no worries, ill be posting all progress. wont leave anybody in the dark
  11. would that l28 z guy be you? lol well i did alot of research on turbo headers and turbo applications before i started. this set up is far far from right, turbo is way to small, but when you get a turbonetics turbo for almost free, you dont complain. the turbo being that far up front is no problem, if everything you maid to get it up front was built right. mine have a couple parts that could be remaid/redesigned, but im going to make diff headers in the future. these ones were more or less just if i can do it or not
  12. thanks, its nice to be here, there is alot of knowledgeable people here with some awsome cars. yea, the fenders are in stage one, they still have alot more work to be done, but i have good feeling about it, think its gonna be good, just hope it works for as i want it to work for. looks isnt much if it dosnt do something to help in some degree of performance i think. at first, i didnt like the stock dash, i actually hated it. but my dash was all messed up. and then my lil bros cars interior is damn near perfect, and i really like his, but, to late to turn back now, should be good. the rotissurie is awsome, cost me like 100 bucks, got all the metal for free, just had to buy the casters and then weld it up
  13. yea, thats a sx dash, yea mine is a street/race car, i want my a/c also, it dosnt really take that much power and theres always the off button.
  14. i couldnt find him/pics of his car, what did he cut his firewall for?
  15. yea, its cool, before we were the bros with rb'ed silvia, now well be the bros with skyline powered z's
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