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  3. I'm going to get back to autocrossing and I've picked up an '06 Mini Cooper S JCW. Not fast, but quick and feels like an overgrown gocart. Small size, big smiles. Bryan Dat240zg
  4. My time on Hybridz is just about up. #248 is now sold and heading down to Texas. I'm moving on to a different car, but wanted to take a moment to thank the different people (Dale, Joel, John, etc) who have helped with information throughout the build. Hybridz is a unique place in that people are quick to share. I've appreciated the content that's here and (as a Dad) the content that's not . Great people, great site and great cars. Later days, Hybridz! Bryan Dat240zg
  5. Oh, man! I'm off the site for a couple months and this happens! Ross always went the extra mile for me. He was one of those guys who didn't mind answering questions that I'm sure for him were basic but for me might as well have been nuclear science. Like Mike, he'd call me up after an order just to make sure that there were no hangups at the border, etc. Life is precious (and fleeting). We'll be praying for the Corrigans tonight! Bryan Dat240zg
  6. Randall: I may have a dizzy for you. Let me check to verify that the one that I have is what you're needing and I'll PM you (if you're still looking). Bryan Dat240zg
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