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  1. way to take my quote out of context, i said it cannot be done with high school level physics, which is not calc based, the calculations are not difficult for an M.E. like myself, but just using the mass x accell formula will not yeild accurate results...let me repost that whole thing...
  2. i was never knocking your work, i was simply saying how it could be made better, and as long as someone would be making it from scratch, i offered an unarguably better way to do so. simple as that, no hard feelings
  3. did i say you didnt know what your doing? EVER? did i ever insult you at all? NO!! did i accuse you of copying my design? NO!!, i jus said it looks like mine, so im curious of your results since you have the resources to make it sooner than me. i'm on forums like this to LEARN from people, so just cause im asking questions does not make me ignorant or stupid. If i had 10's of thousands of dollars worth of engine equipment to my disposal, i would use it, but i dont, so i cannot do my own machining on my motors, so i will leave that to a machine shop. How do you have access to this stuff anyway? pretty cool... and no, not anyone can make a turbo car fast (whats your definition of fast?), turbo cars are a whole different animal, im sure you know that, i have not had it on a dyno yet, but the camaro, on 14psi, 93 octane, will spin my 315 Nitto DR's at 100mph, rolling on the throttle... is that fast?
  4. also, im not familiar with the datsun fel-pro gaskets, but its a common place in the small block world to "gasket match" intakes and heads to gaskets, many porters and machine shops i know use fel-pros to do this, i know some gaskets (different part numbers) for the same motor will have slightly different shape/size, which is also why every intake and heads that have been gasket matched i've seen have been supplied with a fel-pro part number for that specific gasket. BUT, like i said, datsun gaskets may be a different story...
  5. WOW!! where to start? you need to do some research before opening your mouth bud. Dual plane intake ports are not of different volume, what acts as a plenum in a dual plane intake is slightly differernt from side to side, which is one of the reasons no one in there right mind would recommend a dual plane intake on a race or even any motor beyond a bolt on motor. I'm not bashing your work, your craftsmanship is great! the finish is great, and im sure its a huge improvement over stock. I'm not trying to be negative in my comments here, im just critiquing youre intake design, so we (all of hybridz's members) can create a better design in the future. I don't know if you were addressing me with this, but i do ALL of my own work, take a look at the twin turbo, Megasquirt-ed '95 Camaro in my signature, it was ALL built by me, in my garage, with a scratch start TIG ($200) a used mig, and a 4.5 inch angle grinder. The headers, dual 3" downpipes, intercooler piping, upper core support DOM tubing replacement, lower radiator mount/FMIC mount, and accesory bracket were all fabricated by me. And like you, i was 20 years old when i built it too, i just wish i had the tools and resources available to me that you do! haha That cad image looks an awful lot like the one i posted up, good luck with it, let us all know the results as its pretty much exactly the design i want to build. I dont expect much if any power increase directly from the intake design itself, but the consistant AFR across all cylinders will allow for more aggresive tuning SAFELY, so thats what the extra power is going to come from.
  6. haha yeah that things bad! send one my way...PLEASE?!?! and all im saying about the unequal length runners is, as long as I myself, or others on this board for that matter, are going to build a custom ITB setup, just try to keep the runners equal length. It's not the horsepower gain or loss i'm worried about here, it's the overal tunability and CONSISTANCY of a race motor (yes, if you remember, this thread started off as a topic for an scca spec race car). As long as i'm building one, i'm building one with equal length runners. BTW, my head/intake porter (for my lt1's) got in an argument about textures in intake ports, his customer wanted the cliche "port & polished" job on his heads and intake; not realizing for fuel atomazation reasons, you do not want a polished surface in your head ports. Customer insisted he did, so the porter agreed to do 7 of the 8 ports his way (textured), and the last port with a polished, mirror finish(mirror/polished finish was continued into the intake manifold as well). Individual o2's on the dyno(after poor performance and multiple tuners unable to dial in the car), as well as fouling plugs on the track proved that this little bit of a difference in TEXTURE ONLY (all ports flowed the same on the flow bench, IIRC about 380 CFM @.600 lift @ 28" water) made a difference in overall performance. Now, any small block head with numbers like that is obviously a race head, but if the texture in the port alone made that big of a difference, imagine what 1fastz's unequal length, and different shaped runners will do. and the arguement that these are street datsun's makes no difference, ALL IC engines operate off the same principles, and to say that some factors effect only some motors is just rediculous. What is Rusch Motorsports BTW? and do you take this attitude of "there only street cars, so its not important to do good work" on all your customers cars? BTW, if i could go back in time and convince the Nissan engineers to design this head differently, i would, BUT, this head design is what i have to work with, so its what im using.
  7. You guys are all jackasses, Bubbles is absolutely correct on this one, but that doesn't mean he should be hijacking my thread!! you guys wanna flex youre internet muscles, do it through pm's. And anyway, youre arguring over some pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ slow cars here, high 12 sec full blown race motor? HAHA, get a life anyway, who says youre car has to be fast to have a good personal knowledge about performance engines and theory? Everything bubbles has said is spot on, kind of an ass about it, but he is correct. And whoever said you can use simple high school physics to calculate 1/4 times and trap speed is full of sh*t, you dont get into exponentially increasing/decreasing acceleration in high school physics, and without that, there is NO WAY you can accuratly estimate 1/4 mile times. Not to mention you would also need accurate friction coeff. on both the particular tire and the track, temperatures, baro readings, etc. also not covered in high school crap. and 1fastz; yes, you're intake is quite pretty, but functional as an all out race intake? not on my motor! I garruntee if you ran o2's on each one of you're header primaries you would see a rich condition on the middle two. would you want that on a race engine built to constantly be running on its absolute edge? haha hell no! For a street car with a forgiving tune, other than fouling those middle plugs, i see no harm in that intake, and it is probably leaps and bounds above stock, but its not the end all, be all ITB intake system. We can all learn from its design flaws though, and make a better one. What im thinking, is using the gsxr TB's, but place them so that all of the primaries are curved the same amount, thus, all equal length. Overall flow on 1&2, 5&6 would not be as good as yours, but atleast it would yield an equal flowing, easily tuneable engine. anyway, who wants to cut me an intake flange?
  8. now thats what im talking about....so...how do i make one for cheap... hmmm....haha
  9. just the ones i was looking at were 04-05, but im sure others will work too
  10. They are paired together, bolted. So two TB's per assembly. You would just unbolt the pairs, so you would have 3 assemblies, to mount on an intake, much like a triple webber setup. One would still have to fab a link to connect the throttle shafts, that or run 3 throttle cables. they can be had on flea-bay for under $100 per set (4) as far as advantages on a turbo car? maybe? try it and find out! ANY intake plenum seems like it would be some kind of restriction when under positive intake pressure. maybe use a 6 to 1; or two 3 to 1 exhaust merge collectors backwards for splitting to the individual throttle bodies. That should flow extremely well...
  11. Seriously, its just a 2+2, does anyone really care? hahaha, jk andrew BTW, we built bubbles new flat top .040 over l28 last night, and im sure this one will produce some internet doubters as well, its gonna fly! Now, back ON TOPIC, im thinking GSXR throttle bodies might be the hot ticket, they have injector bungs in the TB, so all that would have to be made is an intake manifold to suit them...could be a cheap, very bad ass setup, with readily available replacement parts too:burnout:
  12. I've seen it, i know others saw it run too, it did that time at SEZ last year
  13. Im still planning on building something like this, but not anytime soon cause, well, im broke:(
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