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  1. So im some serious needed help, i have a Neo RB25det running on the Power FC. I also am using Wiring specialties wiring harness. other than intercooler, intake-manifold, throttle body and injectors. metal head gasket and head studs. everything else is stock. I am the point of attempting to start my car. The car would turn over but would not fire off. The injectors basically dumped lots of fuel into the cylinders. This fuel atomized and some fuel even made into the oil. I am running a Power FC, I have initialized the system for a fresh start. I have accounted for having brand new daetschwerks larger 440cc injectors. i have spark and have checked my (mechanical timing). I have checked all coil and injector wires and they all seem to be correct, voltage is where it should be and grounds where there should be. I have spark. With the Power FC controller I can see that it has TPS reading, MAF, rpm, 02. Etc. so its seems to me like everything should be correct. The only issue I came across when trouble shooting. Was the start signal wire. At the ecu connector under the plastic cover the start signal wire was directly connected to the control system power wire. So the pump was always running on start instead of priming. and it always thought it was starting. So I connects the start signal wire to my start signal to the ecu and now its seems to be correct. Now im not sure if this would be related to my fuel dump no start issue but is seems to still not be working. I changed the oil and pulled the pugs. Cleaned the cylinders out and cleaned the plugs. Put it all back together , re initialized and set up the pwr FC and it all happens again! Im incredibly frustrated and im not sure what to do. On top of all of this it turning over very slowly. Like a weak starter or because of the hydro pressure form the excess fuel flooding the cylinders . i have a new starter on order already but i do no think it can be only issue. I have check and cleaned everything multiple times. Short of bad ECU or Bad injectors that are stuck on im not sure what to do.could there have been any damage being connected the way it was. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas! pics for attention!
  2. dod6av6en6

    Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    I am interested in the Diff and axles if its still available. Please PM for price
  3. dod6av6en6

    Adaptronic vs AEM S2 w/Rawbrokerage promod turbo

    ok so here is a good question, what is the difference between the RAW pro mod and the pure turbo ? both inconel billet wheels, both 54 trims compressors and both on the stock turbo frame. there can only be a few places that will do this work so im almost assuming they are being done at the same place. and pure turbo is much cheaper! http://www.pureturbos.com/store/oem-factory-replacement-turbochargers/nissan-rebuilt-remanufactured-turbocharger-repair/nissan-rb25det-billet-upgrade-turbo.html
  4. dod6av6en6

    81 280zxt (turbo) part out

    would u be willing to sell a front controll (DS), radial arm, and rear springs as well, my daily driver got accosted by a massive pothole!, live in MS 39759
  5. dod6av6en6

    1973 240Z RB25DET project for sale

    i am located in hattiesburg and i am very intersted do you have a number i can call yo ask questions or maby even come see
  6. i currently have a 73 with an l28 f54 bock p90 head with .30 bore and flat top pistons. hks 1mm head gasket. it is still running the orignal su carbs from when we swaped it to an L28. its a 5 speed and a stock rear end. but the true question is. since i already have the block bored and flatty pistons to build of my existing l28 and supply it to a turbo fuel injection setup or do i swap into sr. the only reason i am asking this question is that i already have the engine in my car and may save money but it also may be more headache . i want the most bang for my buck and want at least 280 hp plus! any insite?