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  1. I realise this, but i want a V12. That leaves me with BMW (too expensive), Nissan and Toyota both did a V12 I believe (too hard to find), Lamborghini (too expensive), Ferrari (too expensive) you get the picture. Jaguar V12 complete and running $600 (from my dad...). Does anyone with any experience with jag motors have anything to say? fuel prices don't really concern me, this will only be a weekend car...
  2. Hi there everyone, I have owned my Z for about 3 years now, drove it for 2 years until my sister destroyed the front end and now it is completely stripped... I have currently got 2 engines, the original 2.6 and a 2.8, both with gearboxes and both fully dressed. However, in its current state i have been thinking about converting it to a V12 with a supra 5 speed and have access to a pre HE jaguar V12. i have had many people tell me that the Jag engine is unreliable and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these engines that could tell me the true story??? also, for Dot i know you have done this conversion how do you find the reliability of the Jag V12? Also, have you found that the extra weight of the V12 has been detrimental to the handling of you car? Cheers, Mark Browne
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