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  1. Do i require nats removal when using UTEC?
  2. I found out that little module is some sort of rpm signal converter. I should have the VIN by tomorrow morning. There was a greddy e-manage in the car that got snagged somehow before i got to the car.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I will be attempting to put this in my Z32. I have a book of information I printed out and need to read through about the BCU, NATS, ETC. Unfortunately they crushed the rest of the car and hauled it away by the time I got a hold of the engine and other bits. I have the engine harness and ecu. They are supposed to be calling me sometime today with the vin number of the car. I have the accelerator already. At this point it seems i might as well go ahead and get a haltech lol.
  4. Please excuse me if i am beating a dead horse or posting in the incorrect section. I recently aquired a vq35 twin turbo drivetrain. It has the greddy td05 18g kit. I have the main engine wiring harness and ecu. It also has some sort of module that looks like a piggy back tune. My question is what is required electrically to get the car to simply run. Do i need any other harnesses or can i just wire in and have an ignition or press button start. It appears to be a drive by wire so i would assume i would have to aquire a pedal assy.
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