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  1. Thanks having a list would be very helpful!
  2. Did you make that setup yourself ? looks good
  3. Well I picked up an 8.8 for an explorer. It looks like this one has a different housing, I wounder if the one front mount it has is in the same location as your double .Time to start looking for a mustang diff housing.
  4. I can pick it up on Friday.. ish maybe Saturday.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply ! I have been searching and searching just cant find good info most links pictures do not work anymore .like you most people are putting money into this swap thus not not have the same parts as i do . It was a bad idea to buy a car that already had the swap done .I dont want to go the MS direction since i plan on dropping in an ls1 in a year or so. if its still not running in 2 months it would be really nice to have some help ! Send your recruits up Old Smokey
  6. Did you ever find anyone ? I am in the same boat i have a 260z with l28et swapped in and the wiring is cut every where im so lost .how much was the wire harness from the junk yard and which one did you go do .i live in SD too.thx
  7. i think you are going in the right direction with the 8.8 irs ! keep the info coming .
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