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  1. Someone get me that damn LOGO file . I'll do a damn run for us hoodies, shirts, you name it ! lol
  2. Oh man that sucks... Well i don't mind getting my stuff done myself. If only i had that logo File that'd be it. Looks pretty bad ass.
  3. located in SAN DIEGO, CA in search of recommendations of a body shop/Fab shop that can build me a cage as well as take a look at the car's front end ( as i suspect previous slight front end damage) might need to be straightened out and I'd like stronger new under body frame rails. ( previous owner jacked up the car from the frame and got it all bent up ) Jsut want to make sure the car is straight and squared prior to cage/ body work. Thanks in advance for your help! looking to get this bad girl out on the road soon.
  4. Looking to get a new batch of goodies if you're still in the market? My old shirt and hoodie from 2017 is now Faded AF and time to retire 😢 Looking for goodies in Large
  5. Far stretch given how old this is lol not sure whether or. Not you still have it but if you do I'm interested
  6. Having thee worst of luck sourcing performance tires for my equip 01's! Found some 15x9-28 and 15x10-28 but seems like toyo doesn't make any R888R for my wheel specs :'( Need recommendations, links. Looking for 235 or 245\45 fronts and 255 or 265/45 rears.
  7. Yeah man, mind bogged the heck out of me the first time I heard that. I pulled the rail with the Injectors when I was testing to see if the Injectors were spraying and or leaking but when that noise comes on after cranking I noticed the Injectors were all on and spraying at the same time. Never seen anything like that before. I Followed the same swap guide i did beforeon my last project so I definitely got blind sided on this one. Checked out the Efi harness wiring and made sure that the wires that needed to come on in the ON position did and the wires that needed all time power did and eve
  8. Hey guys. So Ive previously done a L28et swap previously back in the day and car ran fine. Just did another 81 L28et swap into my series one 240z and got it all bolted up and cranking. Now, on the donor car the car started up and ran up and down the block before I took it apart( 2 years ago) so things seemed all functional at least back in the day. Issue I'm running into is the car won't come on. And when it does start briefly, it dies within 3 seconds. I Bought a new fpr and verified that there is fuel and pressure (36psi) while car is off and in the ON position. There is verifi
  9. Cool this will be my plan b if I can't figure out the stock wiring. I'm actually following the original 81 harness swap build thread posted on here. But dude doesn't mention where the wire for the actual fuel pump gets spliced into the harness
  10. Looking for where my power + green wire from the fuel pump connects to
  11. Old post I know I've read through the whole thing and for the likes of me can't find on the 81 harness install what wire GOES TO THE FUEL PUMP + itself. Help!
  12. I thought so too man, apparently either they were custom or something but they're out there. And if they are... I want um! Lol
  13. Hey everyone. In the market for a set of 4 Longchamps for my Z. 15" is cool, 16" would be even better hit me up if you have or know of someone/ someplace Lookin for 9 front 10 rear and a nice mean negative offset on them. Located in San Diego
  14. Seems like the 280zx brake line system is definitely a beast on its own when it comes to adding an adjustable prop valve. The proportion valve for the rear is located in the passenger side fender. Problem lies that that same part feeds the passenger side wheel? So weird.... I'm pretty sure the wheel isn't getting mixed in with the fluid going to the rear. But that's definitely an inconvenience gonna have to figure something out
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