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  1. So got it finally running to what it should be. After replacing my fuel filter, new fuel pump, several sets of spark splug and a new set of plugs it actually turned out to be my timing being way off. Damn the simple things and over looking!
  2. Well fixed one thing. Looks like the sensor that plugs in to the head had a bad connection, it now revs to whatever I throw at it. It still isn't 100%, still times when it will suddenly "open up" and power is all there. Going to check fuel filter this weekend, still running nasty rich as well.
  3. Cool thanks will do that this weekend. Im also running scary rich. Outside of my car reeks of gas need to get that handled as well just not so sure how to adjust that.
  4. Cool thanks will do that this weekend. Im also running scary rich. Outside of my car reeks of gas need to get that handled as well just not so sure how to adjust that.
  5. Will have to take a look at that, fuel filter has not been replaced. If it was clogged though wouldn't I notice a problem with me fuel pressure? Guess I didn't mention it in this post, but it holds at 32-34 PSI, probably slightly higher the one I bought was leaking.
  6. From left to right #6,5,4,3 Did not pull 2 or 1 yet.
  7. Yeah I was thinking about doing that before even making the post. Think I will stop by the auto parts store and pick some up. I'm gapping at .040 is this the correct amount or am I too high?
  8. So I have been having loss of power after 3500k rpm and it not really being able to break 4k rpm under load, my gas mileage is not doing to great either. I found that my #6 cylinder was not firing, replaced plug (was very dark and fouled most likely from problem with CSV that was been fixed as well) so thats correct now. Fuel pressure is holding at a steady 32-35PSI. I switched to dished pistons per furture turbo build from the flat tops (f54/p90acombo) so obviously I'm running a lower compression ratio. Ran car for a week and just pulled plugs to look at them. #6 still looks a little darker t
  9. Which one are you at? Im pretty basic when it comes to figuring this out. My fuel pressure is at about 32-34lb. #6 cylinder wasn't firing, replaced plug and wire and that solved that but it still has problems breaking 4k and power still doesn't feel quite right.
  10. My 79 started spitting oil out of the exhaust obln start up and initial idle. Does not do this when its warm. Not burning oil, no smoke so atleast I don't think. Any ideas?
  11. Is there any way I can really check to see if the ignition module is going bad? Distributor seems pretty solid and no movement but I can check it out again. Trying to get my list ready for the weekend of things to check!
  12. New plugs and wires, spark is strong. Injectors are good and fire corretly, timing is set 10 degrees advanced. Hoses are good, no known vacuume leak anywhere. It reves freely to 6.5k its just once in gear it hesitates.
  13. Yeah I'm starting to think that it could be that, but im literally in the same spot as you. It feels strong, but its not what it should be. I'm starting to think it could be fuel delivery as well but injectors are firing just fine, fuel pressure seems to be good. Just don't know what it could be and its starting to irk me!
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