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  1. Finally getting round to installing my SBC into my 72 240Z here in the UK using the JTR mount kit, to me the JTR manual is quite specific on which way round the mounts and spacers should go. On page 2-1 Mike states that the spacers go between the block and the set back plates, this is also backed up by the drawing on page 2-4 which asks you to remove material from the Chevy mount for bolt clearance inferring that the offending bolt is one that goes onto the set back plate newly attached to the mount, however if you put the set back plate to the block then this bolt does not interfere with mount as the large spacer takes it away from the Chevy mount. My only concern is that there may be a good structural reason for doing it the JTR way? It seems preferable to me to put the plates to the block as this eliminates the need to cut out the section in the new mount for bolt clearance. Any more thoughts anyone?
  2. I think the normal way ie a switch in the relay control circuit seems to be the favourite then just carry a spare relay in the glove box just in case of relay failure! Thanks guys I will get on and wire the car up now!
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply and yes I am a bit of a worrier!! I will take a look at switches available over here to see what suits me best, I do like the idea of the 'overide switch' actually overiding both relay and thermo switch, failing that I will open the hood and blow cold air over the engine!!! Mind you here in England it doesn't get too hot anyway!
  4. Hi all, I am installing an simple single electric fan in my 72 240Z V8 SBC 305 and want to include an overide switch in the car to allow me to switch on the fan manually if the thermo switch ever fails to kick the fan in. I am thinking this would normally be wired to operate the relay coil to allow voltage to the fan however I am thinking if I wire in a 'heavy duty' switch into the fan feed supply across the relay then this would work if the relay ever failed also. Any thoughts? Many thanks Marvo.
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  7. Hi Alan, have spoken to LEDA and they can overhaul my units no problem, they can also re-valve them to street use, so my problems may be over, just got to find the money!!! Thanks for all your help, Marvo
  8. Hi Alan, thanks for the info, I have found out that Leda still exist and are based in Ashbourne Derbyshire UK Phone 44 (0) 1335 348 880 Fax 44 (0) 1335 300 024, I will be contacting them to see if they can supply spares or perhaps overhaul them for me. I got these struts from a Z Club member in London who had them on his car originally but found them too hard a ride. He was not sure of their history.
  9. Thanks for all the info so far guys very useful, I have added some photos showing one of the front struts in pieces. The markings are as follows NISSAN 54302N4051 6 X 06 AMPCO JAPAN I am not yet convinced they are gas struts as I can find no sign of a fill point, nothing as like the screw in the rod and nothing on the body. when I undid the gland nut there was some pressure there but it may just be 30 year old Japanese Air at a diff atmospheric pressure maybe? Also may have to get the gland nut seals made as no-one seems to recognise the part number on the seal NOK AR1309G. The Company NOK still exists but I suspect this is an obselete part, the rear ones are smaller, no number yet as I have only stripped the Fronts. I am tempted to try them with just oil in and see what the car is like, what do you guys think, after all if they were not pressuised at build then I don't want to risk damaging them by blowing them up!! Thanks again for the interest, Marvo
  10. Thanks for that, I will have a think and report back.......
  11. Hi John I don't know how the gas gets in!!! I cannot see any valve on the unit, I am wondering if these are like 'normal' cartridges but this thread implies they are not, I think I will open up the worst of my units to see whats in there!!
  12. Hi Guys I realise its been a while since these were discussed but any idea who in the UK or anywhere for that matter could re gas and oil these AMPCO struts, as I have set that need doing.
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