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  1. hi, guy's, Thanks for the help. I looked up the pads and they are wagner thermoquiet ceramic #pd161. They do not get any better with heat. Tires are 225-50-16 continental extreme contact sport. Also Old booster was set up with proper gap and new 7/8 master cylinder . additional information- Was a standard transmission but was changed to 4l60e automatic and a LS motor. I changed to a 240z automatic peddle. I'm thinking about trying a new 8.5 inch booster.
  2. HI, Booster Holds Vacuum, Peddle drops about 1/2 inch when starting car. Motor holds 19 inches of vacuum. Front pads are raybestos best. Tire size is 225-50-16
  3. I have a 1972 240z that the brakes will not lock up no matter how hard you press them. It has new stock calipers and pads on the front. New shoes and wheel cylinders on rear. new brake lines. Front line pressure is around 1800 lbs. with the car not running. Around 2300 lbs. running. Booster seams good. Stops fair at best but has a very firm peddle. Is this normal for these cars? Any suggestions?
  4. i need around 6 lower door hinge shims.
  5. i need a interior dash map light cover for a 72 240z.
  6. NW240Z, I think thats what i need.Please email me at ilyinfinity7@aol.com with price and shipping. thanks a lot.
  7. I need a brake fluid distribution splitter.It has the brake light switch in it .Its the part under the master cylinder that connects with five brake lines.For a 1970 - 08/73 year.
  8. i am looking for a imsa type 3 piece spoiler.
  9. im working on lh9 6.2 with a ls type 4l60e .a stock torque converter .i bought a pioneer 471 hd flexplate. the converter mounting holes fit, but the converter support hole is to big.Do i need a spacer or a different flexplate. Thanks
  10. hey i'm in myrtle beach. how much you asking?
  11. im looking for a automatic console in good shape for a 1972 240 z.
  12. hey clucker. please send pictures and price thanks
  13. still looking for a good automatic shifter handle
  14. hey ya'll i need a real good automatic shifter handle for 240z.
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