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  1. From what I can tell I have everything hooked up correctly. The only thing I can find that isnt hooked up are 2 wires under the dash that hang by the transistor unit, I traced the wires from the distributor back to the transistor as well. How would I bet able to test the transistor under the dash? and What are the white and brown wires with ring terminals on them under the dash by the transistor unit for?
  2. No condenser would = no spark correct?? I have no idea where mine went but i noticed its not in the car anymore! If i cant find it is there something i could do to replace it? i understand its just a capacitor basically.... anyone know what value of cap i could use?
  3. Hello, This afternoon I put the finishing touches on a 4 barrell carb setup for my 75 280Z. Looked down the carb and i have fuel. Goto start it and nothing just cranks over, pulled a couple plugs and they are not getting any spark. The dissy I have has 3 wires coming out of it... a red, green and brown. I have power coming from the coil to the distributor but none going out to the wires. I have no power to any of the 3 wires that hook up to the dissy. Before I started the swap I had spark without the ecu hooked up and wired the exact way it is. I am looking for a wiring diagram or
  4. yea i was just messing around with it, I am starting to get mad! the new bracket i had made is too flimsy to it seams and if u get it close enough to pick up it draws the sensor into the teath... i was able to hold it and get some voltage out of it but I just had it hooked up to my multimeter so i dont know if I would have been sparking too... then i went to power it up and found a nice fuel leak that i didnt know about .... so I need to get that fixed before I go any father.
  5. I am not able to get any voltage out of my sensor.... Have you guys found the sensor needs to be mounted 100% square and centered with the tooth? The first bracket i made i think was too flimsy and it would pull in and hit the teeth as it rotated. So I made a new one but i still cant get it to generate any voltage!
  6. I've been doing more reading on the subject in my spare time and have found a couple answers to questions I had. It seams like every topic I find though is just people talking about possibilities but nothing I can find has any hard facts of what people have actually done. As for your questions(I plan to search this stuff but if anyone has any suggestions I might as well post it here too: - How much drop do you want? 4-6" - Are you going to section your struts? Yes, I had planned too - What wheel/tire combo do you want to run? Diamond racing 15x8's somewhere around 0 offset.
  7. Ok I want to get a coilover setup for my Z before summer fully hits. I've been reading up on these forums and I have a couple questions to ask. I know I have the bigger struts 56mm (i just measured mine they are actually 55.5mm but I am sure this is what everyone is referring to when saying 56mm ) I know Modern Motion (I honestly cant remember the name, I am at my shop right now and I have the site bookmarked at home) sells a 56mm coil over sleeve combo, but It might be cheaper to put together my own kit. 1. Will 240z Strut inserts still fit my 56mm strut housings? 2. If they fit what
  8. I have a ring made out of mild steel thats press fit to the dampener. I know the mild steel ring I had made I can weld to, but can I weld to the edis ring??? what is it made of?? I'd rather just tack it good in a couple spots then put set screws in.
  9. That looks like basically the same thing I have right now.. I haven't used set screws though, i was planning on tacking the ring to the pulley but i am unsure if i can do this because of the metal the ring is made out of?? what type of metal is it?? is it weldable with a mig? or even a tig?
  10. If you wouldnt mind sending it to me it'd be very much appreiciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am curious as to what you gents would do in my situation... Basicly I have a megasquirt unit left over from a past project and want to make use of it on my 75 as it currently barely runs due to a failed airflow meter. My first plan was to get a 83 turbo dissy and use that for my tach signal (unfortunatly I am having a tough time finding one, even though I work at a nissan wrecking yard, i found a turbo L28 but the dissy is missing and so is the oil filter setup which i wanted to grab off it ) SO now I am thinking of finding a edis 6 setup off ebay or some oth
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