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  1. Heya, Thanks for the explanation. I kinda thought the Bad Dog piece was a "sub frame connector" but it was always described as a "frame rail". Just a problem with lexicon I suppose. Thanks again for clearing it up. I'll try to ask more interesting questions
  2. Okay, I've done a whole lot of searching today and I can't seem to get a straight answer to this that makes sense. It looks like bad dog makes replacement/strengthened frame rails, and even an extension which connects the front frame to the rear. But this is not a "subframe connector" is it? As far as I can tell, a subframe connector is basically boxing the framerail that's beneath the floor with some material on top of the floor. As far as I can tell there isn't anyone who "sells" this, it looks more like you just get some appropriately sized U steel channel and weld it in inside the car on top of the floor. Kinda like the below image from this thread. Am I right? Does anyone "sell" subframe connectors, or is it more of a one off deal? Sorry if this is discussed somewhere, I simply could not find it.
  3. Welcome. I'm still looking for my car, looks like you took another solid example off the market. Curse you! If that's your definition of "rough" I'd be interested to see what other cars you turned down before picking this one up.
  4. Do the racing seats you've chosen reduce headroom much/any? I'm a tall guy, and I know that seat selection is VERY important to make sure you still fit. I've got cash in hand (now) and I'm looking for a clean car. I wanted something less built than this since I want to do something different, but this just may have to do. Feel free to reply by PM so as not to clutter up this thread (any more).
  5. Cool. I had contacted you a big back via email (qwikrex@gmail.com). I presume the car is still available?


    I'm getting much closer to having space to put it in, and I've gotten my insurance money. I'd love to come look at it and possibly take it off your hands in the next couple weeks.


    Have you had much/any interest?



    -Ryan J. Geyer-

  6. So, you're saying you won't include the wheels. Do you have some stockers or something to put on it?
  7. I'm almost certain I saw this car on craigslist last week, can't seem to find it now. Of course, the owner will know best.
  8. Welcome! That Buick big block would be cool, but you might not appreciate the way the car handles with that much weight up front, might make it strictly a drag car. That said, I have no idea how big nor heavy that big block is so maybe I'm just making it all up. At any rate. Welcome, this is by far the best source of information for these cars.
  9. Thanks guys.. I absolutely intend to look at them before making any decisions, just hoping for any obvious things you guys might see. I thought the body work on the 260 was just standard issue, didn't even cross my mind that it might have been an attempt at flaring the fenders, that's a it of a red flag to me! Thanks again. Anxious to find a good candidate!
  10. Excellent writeup Z8driver, will no doubt be infinitely valueable to me as I start my project. I did have a quick question. I've heard mention of the "universal" transdapt ford small block crossmember being used, and I was wondering why you didn't go that route. Forgive me if it's mentioned somewhere, I did some searching in this thread and on your site and didn't find mention of it. Obviously your piece looks much stouter but I may not have the tools/resources available to me to build one like that. So I'm considering other options which might be a bit more pedestrian and easily available. Again, excellent writeup, and beautiful car!
  11. Hey all, Hopefully my last introduction post didn't look too much like a classified "wanted" ad. Didn't get any responses so I hope I didn't turn anyone off. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=147009 At any rate, I'm here now asking for advice on which Z you'd suggest based on the possibly more trained eye(s) here. My goal is to put in a small block ford motor that I have, so drivetrain isn't a big deal for me, but a fairly rust free body is. Here's a 260 that's nearby. http://santabarbara.craigslist.org/cto/1079357893.html And here's a 280 I'm also considering. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/1118516617.html The 280 is attractive because it's closer, they'll deliver it, and it has an R200 already, but it's tough to determine how much (if any) rust damage there is. I intend to go look at it before making any decisions. The 260 looks a lot cleaner, and probably wouldn't cost me as much in body/paint work. Also, I'm not seasoned enough to tell, but is this 260 a 2+2? Any opinions would be helpful. I have an insurance adjuster coming to look at my previous daily driver that's wrecked, so I should be getting some insurance money fairly soon and I will want to move on a Z pretty quickly. Thanks guys!
  12. Hey all, I've been a lurker here for some about five years, and asked some random questions here and there. I've always dreamed of building a small block Z but the circumstances never existed. Well, things have changed. While I would have preferred to arrive here by a slightly gentler means I'm now looking to replace my daily driver, and I'm hoping to do so with a 70-75 (California SMOG Exempt) 2X0Z. See, my wife was driving my 1999 Ford Explorer home from work this Tuesday. It had been raining earlier in the afternoon, and the streets were wet. She spun out and lost control, resulting in a rollover accident. No one else was involved, and she is 100% okay aside from some bruising and soreness. Here's some photographs of the vehicle when I got it back Wednesday. I have an insurance adjuster coming out to look at it Monday, and I'm quite certain it'll be a total loss. I intend to buy the vehicle back from the insurance company, and reuse a lot of it's bits in a Z which will be a tribute to this vehicle. Going to reuse the EFI 302 & Wheels, and paint the Z the same color as the X (Chestnut Metallic). Probably reuse some other stuff as well, and sell off whatever is left that's of any value to fund the Z project. Should be cool, and exciting I'll likely be blogging about it as it progresses. http://www.nslms.com
  13. You still have these? I recently wrecked my daily driver and I'm waiting on insurance paperwork/money but I want to start a z project.
  14. Also, if we're talking about fitting it into a z, besides the weight, the things are enormous. I considered putting a CRD Cummins in my Explorer, and even that is too small unless I modify the firewall, and possibly framerails. It's been proven that these motors can perform though, and there are certainly transmissions which will shift plenty fast. Banks Engineering built the "Sidewinder" Dodge Dakota and proved this with impressive 1/4 mile times and a land speed record in a diesel powered pickup truck. It's all in the components you choose. But, I maintain that the "big three" motors are too big to fit in a z comfortably, which is why I pretty much ruled them out.
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