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  1. Yea, I know Honda and DSM injectors both have 11mm hats, I'm just not sure about the base. If I can just figure out the base size, I'll have it. Even if the injectors aren't long enough, I can just cut the stand off down that mount the rail to the I/M. Thanks for the info.
  2. Just curious if anyone is or has ran a Godspeed top feed fuel rail on an RB25, and if so, what injectors are being used? I bought one against my better judgement basically because the color was a perfect match for my HKS cam gears, and now I'm having trouble finding an injector that will fit. I called Godspeed and, they couldn't give me ANY useful information. The rail is an 11mm bore, and the base is factory Nissan. Starting to wonder if DSM or Honda injectors may fit. Any help would be appreciated.
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