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  1. As title states. Just finished my shell with all mounts made... Needs some more welding done but it was just a test fit. Pic from up top. That's all the wiring the car needs also. Engine bay painted and mounts done and painted. Engine finally in and mounted permanetly. Just need a radiator, one fuel line, and a zero guage wire from battery in trunk to fuse box in engine bay, dizzy... Now my only task is headers??? Going to try some long tube headers. Don't want block huggers. Motor makes little below 550hp and car has th400 tranny. Need to get some pic
  2. Nope. We thinking of bringing it before winter. Motor is coming out for refresh and probly a new shell. Rx7 shell sucks. Windshield cracked from driving and diff is making ton of noise already. Car spins second you blimp gas and diff is practically blown up. I don't want to see what happens with tires lol. We see soon though.
  3. Need to get some new pics up here on this. We have completly cleaned the whole thing up since these pictures... rx7 has 900hp on 8psi. We think that its supposed to run 11psi with the pulley that's on there but runs 8 cause the belt slip. Belts on this thing suck. Already chewed into 2 so clearly something isn't right. Here a 240 a friend of mine has. Its all thrown together shitty with ebay turbo and stock 350sbc. Make 4something wheel power though. $4k total lol
  4. Idc if its 5psi or 20psi... whatever makes the power I want. Tuner will figure out the boost situation. Still have plenty of time left before its finished though.
  5. this was origionally going in the red car like so until I found the black one with the cage so time to reassemble the red tt.
  6. I have owned 13 z32s now. Twin turbos, non turbos. Just trying to be alittle different. Bought a black z twin turbo shell with full 9sec certified cage. To start. Then I picked up a 406sbc motor. Motor I bought without knowing what it had which complicated things abit. It has dart pro1 64cc alluminum heads, has trw flat pistons .o30 over (hence the 406) arp main studs but stock rods(major holding me back). I picked up a set of gt2860rs turbos for $400 which instigated me tting the motor lol. Turbos were wayyyy to cheap to not buy. Especially knowing they are 6xxwhp turbos on a z from ex
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