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  1. Rebuilding My 1968 Cedric

  2. I`m in need of serious help here! I want a cheap L28ET engine. tried to build my L28 to a Turbo engine but, I can`t afford it. If someone has a Turbo engine laying around that they want to sell for cheap please contact me Thanks Mikael Eilertsen
  3. The car is posted up on hybrid z take a look but ill still send u pics

  4. Could you send me some pictures of the car? E-mail: imesh_635@hotmail.com
  5. Want to buy a Datsun 260/280Z 2+2 in any kind of shape! I live in norway and wish to ship it to norway. They are impossible to come across here in europe if someone has a rolling shell or a parts car PM me, rust is no problem. Thanks Mikael Eilertsen
  6. I would like to buy a Turbo Exhaust Manifold. It`s impossible to come across the right parts for my 280ZX in norway. and since i`m building a Turbo Engine, it`s kind of hard to finish without the right parts.
  7. The newest car in the family
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