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  1. I am planning on running the z31 turbo ecu and the knock sensor, which according to what i have read is tunable
  2. If i stuck with the dished pistons keeping the c/r at 7.4:1, could i get away with running 10 pounds of boost without an intercooler?
  3. Are there any other sensors from a 280zxt that i will need or does the 78 efi have all necessary senors to run a z31 ecu?
  4. I am going to build a turbo l28 for my 280z which has an n42 motor with dished pistons. I already have a p90a head that i am going to rebuild and put on my block which should make around the stock turbo 7.4:1 compression. My question is if i where to use some n/a flattop pistons to raise compression to around 8.5:1 and low boost would it still be reliable? I wasn't sure if their was a reason that i never see people do this to turbo l28's.
  5. I am looking to do an L28ET swap into a 280z. I have read many other threads about every thing i need out of a turbo 280zx but then i found out about the Z31 ecu, maf, and cas swap. I know that i can use any Z31 cas as long as i have the 82-83 distributor and i am considering using a Z31 harness. So my questions are: Do i need the Z31t ecu/maf or will an n/a ones work? If i do need the Z31t ecu/maf, are the wiring harnesses different? I ask because i have never seen a Z31t in any local junk yard or on craigslist around here, but n/a's seem to be everywhere. Also any wiri
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