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  1. petem78z

    Parting two 280z's

    selling a fuel tank? looking for a non leaker good condition photos price shipping to 60439
  2. petem78z

    1981-83 280zxt Part out.

    do you have 82-83 ECU if so price do you also have the ecu connectors off of the bad harness?
  3. petem78z

    1977 door panels wanted for 280z

    if you have 77-78 they ARE DIFFERENT if you need 77-78 I have a nice both in black complete let me know
  4. petem78z

    1988 300zx turbo part out

    how much for the engine harness... better pictures of plugs
  5. petem78z

    240 z door panels

    looking for both interior door panels from a 240z prices shipping to 60439
  6. petem78z

    early 73 240z parts

    both interior door panels for sale?
  7. petem78z

    FS: 1972 240z part out

    do you have both interior door panels price shipping to 60439
  8. petem78z

    HELPP!! l28et in s30 Swap

    I've seen your post on l28t swaps my ecu light comes on but goes out as the engine cracks, I have a no start problem, I have spark, fuel pump runs power to injectors but the injectors don't fire. the turbo engine going into 76 280z any ideas
  9. still have the parts could you forward me new close up pictures of the 2, 1/4 window panels price and shipping to 60439 pmikolaitis@yahoo.com
  10. where is the tank located? maybe it could be picked up? I'm also interested in it. pmikolaitis@yahoo.com
  11. petem78z

    2/71 240z COMPLETE part out

    selling the DS window regulator? condition of it, price
  12. petem78z

    parting my 240z

    Do you have a good DS window regulator? Cutting out the rear hatch sill plate? if so prices?
  13. petem78z

    IL 73 Datsun 240z Turbo fs

    Tell the truth snowbdr who did most of the work?????
  14. petem78z

    280z Window Regulator

    75 and 77 are different
  15. petem78z

    260Z Alternator Voltmeter Swap

    Ed you stated that you connected the 2&5 and not the 2&3 I read that the 1&5 need to connected. So did you just eliminated both the 1&5 and the 2&3 and only have connected the 2&5? The 260s are a nightmare for wiring we installed a 82 engine and did the wiring as stated at Atlanticz but the problem is that sometimes the car will turn over but will not start, wait a few minutes and then it will start. In order to get the electric fuel pump I had power to one of the black and white wire to one of the relays so I jumped it over to the other and the pump works. Have you eliminated the interlock? I'm thinking that, that could also have an effect on the non starting?!