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  1. thanks for the input. I need to "do time" in the engine management forum to figure out which one to go with and tuning procedures.
  2. I'm building a motor for my '77 280. F54 block w/flat top pistons, a P79 or N47 head (any pros and cons on the head would be great), 60mm tb with a matched bore N47 intake, .490 280 duration cam, headers and a Palnet rail. Now, upon searching I have found out that my stock injectors won't support the setup nor will the stock ecu. Correct? I also found that 280zx turbo injectors are 260cc. Will an oring style low impedence injector from injectors4u with the same flow rate sufice? I read "LineC" sticky on injectors but is there a formula if you don't know your end horsepower and does compressi
  3. Thanks everyone for all the welding info and tips. Mig it is! Question: Are the welder manufacturers accurate with their steel gauge recommendations? Meaning, I will need to purchase a welder that comes set up for solid wire and gas, versus a welder that comes to use flux core and 15 amps less high end range? The Hobart and Lincoln welders I've been looking at recommend gas for below 22ga. What gauge are Z panels? I thought 24... Any advise on mig machine? Is the gas setup worth the additional 125-155 bucks?
  4. what about Rust Bullet on the flange prior to welding the butt-joint?
  5. Are the Z body panels thick enough to make good use of a flange tool? I have used one in the past on thicker metal and it makes alignment a breeze.
  6. If I'm going to be out in a car port, will I be able to use solid or will I have to use flux cored? Will mixed gas be ok as long as there aren't strong breezes?
  7. Can patch panels or my 280 be welded with a 110v stick welder. Took a piece of 24ga. flat stock and by spotting and stitching I was able to keep from warpage. Ofcourse that was off the car. Trying to avoid the cost of a mig just for my Z project if I can. Help please.
  8. I have recently purchased a 77 280z. It has an f54 block (stock bore,flat top pistons), n47 head and early SU round top carbs. Along with the car a p79 head and also an e88 head. I do want to keep it N/A at this time. My question: 1) can I run the E88 head and still use pump gas? 2) what compression ratio would I be looking at? 3) what kind of timing would I want to run. I have plans on exhaust upgrade, camshaft, and headers in the works. Any points in the right direction would be great. THANKS
  9. First off, this sight is awesome! I have searched and found ALOT of information. Here is where I'm at: I purchased my '77 280z roughly 8 months ago. It's an f54 block with an n47 head and early SU(round top) carbs. The guy I got it from said he got tired of replacing injectors, their cost, on and on. Anyways, I like the sound of the sidedrafts so they are staying! Now I want more! I've done searches andfound alot of info on jets, tuning, diffs and ratios, trannys, etc., but I'm not havingany luck on a couple of things. 1) How big of a cam will the SU's support throughout the rpm range? 2) Pro'
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