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  1. cegrover

    280Z Project - in progress

    1975 280Z bought in 2007 from the original owner. Media blasted, rust repaired, bumpers modified and paint completed in 2004-2008 Infiniti FX Beryllium.
  2. This project's been going on so long that I forget some aspects! I originally was trying to use a lightly modified turbo AFM on this car and that boot was ordered for it. The turbo AFM has a slightly larger diameter and the boot fit it perfectly. It's technically a bit too large for the current application, but does clamp down and doesn't leak, from what I can tell. Long and short of it: If you're mating one to a stock non-turbo AFM, you might consider a slightly smaller diameter on the small end of this reducer, assuming that precise size exists. Your measurements should catch that, anyway...
  3. Yes, the stock '75 boot I had was too small to fit the 240SX throttle body, so the stock throttle body must have had a smaller diameter (presumably the same as the AFM?).
  4. Here you go! http://www.siliconeintakes.com/bending-reducer/bending-reducer-p-904.html That piece is correct for a stock AFM but a 240SX throttle body. With the removal of the AFM, I just found aluminum piping of the same diamter. It is reducing from 3-inch at throttle body to 2.75-inch. I guess I could technically replace the whole thing with larger tubing...we'll see if it's needed.
  5. I finally put the intake back together today. Here's an upated engine compartment shot.
  6. Look, Ma, no AFM! AEM standalone EFI is installed. Thanks go out to Mitch at MPTuning, who also tuned Rhys Millen's record-setting Pike's Peak car. We'll get it on the dyno soon for final tuning and to see the results. (BTW, yes, the project has moved across the country and has survived the birth of our child, thus the slow pace!)
  7. So, the worm gear has been swapped for a later year part and it works with the ZX-T spindle/shaft. The one in the engine was indeed bronze and consistent with an early part or one sold as a NISMO part.
  8. Good points. Per your links, I'm talking about two parts, which must be matched in order to work: "ASSY-SPINOLE OIL PUM" - I believe this is a typo, and should be "ASSY-SPINDLE OIL PUMP" and, notably, drives the distributor, in addition of the oil pump. and "GEAR-OIL PUMP DRIVE" It seems early and late L-series engines used different oil pump drive gears and thus had different spindle gears to match.
  9. Looks like L24 used the smaller-geared spindle and accompanying worm gear. The early worm gear is also bronze and NISMO sold it as an upgrade for all L-series, requiring the accompanying spindle. I think that's what I have...Will confirm soon.
  10. I didn't call it out in the thread, but it's in my signature. I think the difference might be my stroker engine. I have the V07 / LD28 crankshaft. We are now looking at swapping the worm gear on the crank to drive the ZXT dist/oil pump spindle. I will continue with updates as we have them.
  11. I found that thread, too, but assumed that the reference to extra splines referred to the distributor end, not the drive gear. I guess we'll see... My spindle didnindeed come from ZCarDepot.
  12. Turbo shaft/spindle part number is 15040-P8000. We're also seeing if it's possible to swap the gear between spindles.
  13. My 280Z is in the shop getting AEM EMS and we've encountered a problem. I have a 280ZXT distributor and got the associated shaft on eBay. The distributor and shaft match up perfectly, but the drive gear on the shaft does not mesh with the worm gear in the engine/timing cover. It is too large. Is there more than one shaft? I'm not at the shop now, so I'm verifying the part number on the shaft (it was NOS in the Nissan box). I will post that when I get it. I recall that the seller listed it as fitting 81-83 ZXTs, but I have heard that the 81 was different. Can anyone confirm? I have searched a lot and haven't found this concern posted. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Edit: I added a pic of the two shafts, with the new turbo shaft on the right. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/30669-distributor-shafts/
  14. Thanks! It's in the shop getting AEM standalone EFI as we speak, so I'm hoping to have it running great very soon and then finish out the interior. It's been without carpet or sound deadening since I first got it running in 2012...
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