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  1. Found data and a new tuner in Hal at Injected Performance. 291 whp with stock 05 VQ35DE with plenum mods and long tube headers. Just getting started with the autocross season. We'll see if we can get the power to the pavement.
  2. I'm using a short throw shifter like the one pictured, but I am using a modified stock cradle. If Austin's cradel is same dimension as stock it willwork just fine. It took us a little while to get the reverse lock out to work due to the geometry change of taking the 4" leg out of the linkage. It appears Austin has that worked out as well.
  3. I noticed two different shift knobs in your pictures. Are they custom? One looks like the Nismo.
  4. My dyno tuner is asking for baseline data for a 2005 350Z (VQ35DE) to plug in my Autronic program to have a starting point for fuel, timing, air fuel ratio, etc . Can anyone point us to where we can download excel spread sheets with this data? Red Rocket
  5. My fabricator simply cut the stock and welded back together for same results. Doesn't look quite as nice as Austin's but works the same. Red Rocket
  6. I need a right side only Nismo header for a 350Z. Acquired a left, but this person did not have right? Anybody have a right side left over from a wreck or something like that?
  7. I am putting a VQ35DE and 6sp 350Z tranny in a 280Z body. Lots of modifications but I think we are going to be successful. Right now I am in need of a right side NISMO header for a 350Z. I picked up a left side, but still need a right side. Anyone happend to have a right side header?
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