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    Im looking for an l28et motor.. im looking to find one thats in pretty good condition. would like one with turbo already on it. or at least the parts to put on it. i live in southern illionois in Pinckneyville 62274 zip.. im about 4 hours south of Chicago. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the info. sorry ive been so busy tring to get things all together, getting married and all that stuff. Ok so the car is going to be more of a daily driver, i want it to be able to hit the track if i ever feel the need.. So i was thinking of maybe going with a donor l28et and having it bored and stroked to get it to a l30 or l31 and slap on a nice big turbo. anyone ever do this, about how much should this put out. i want it to be fast but reliable and fun to drive. id like to see about 400 to 450hp. is that even possible?
  3. Alright ive had my 1977 280z for about 2 years and i was wondering what the best rout was on the motor.. i was wanting to put a v8 in it. i really want to put a turbo on it, ive always loved the sound of a good turbo. so i was wondering what my best bet was on putting a turbo on a v8 in the datsun. i was wondering if it would fit in there. i was really wanting to run dual turbos on the v8. so will it fit with 2 turbos. or would it be better to run one turbo. i want to get at some much power as i can out of it.. its been 2 years in the making and i cant make up my mind on what i want to do with it. so all the help would be great. Thanks
  4. Howdy all, my first post.. anywho... Ive got a 1977 280z and I'm needing a passenger door handle(the exterior handle), and Ive found a door handle from a series 1 240Z, would this work for my car
  5. Ive seen this turbo on Ebay and wasnt sure if it would fit on the L28ET motor, Ive seen somewhere say that the motor can use T3/T4 T04 turbos 150089758242
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