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  1. I have a 72 240z, but if i crack it an hold the key it seems to stay running, but dies as soon as i let off. Now i think it is only running cause the started is running it. I think its the timing gears an chain, think maybe they skip teeth or something. I brought it to tdc, an the rotor in the dist. isnt point where its suppose to be, but i ran the spark plug wires off of it, an it still didnt start, i know im getting spark an gas. but wont start, what else could it be besides the timing chain an gears.
  2. I have a 4bbl set up, got everything hooked up, but im having a problem getting it to actually fire up. I been messing with the timing an every once in a while it will either back fire threw the carb or out the back, but not run. Im not sure how to get it up an going, any ideals? an if your in the sacramento area, i wouldnt mind having a lil help.
  3. I got the 4 bbl set up when i bought the car an now im putting it all together, I wanted to know if i had to hook up the crankcase ventilation system, an where do i hook it up to the clifford intake? also where do i hook up the brake master cylinder to the intake or to the card?
  4. ok i just got my first z and im really getting int it, but right now i just want it running correctly, I just got a stock manifold and carbs off a 70-72 240z to replace the flat tops that cam with the car and didnt run right in the first place, but now the dome top su s i got are ideling at about 2000rpm an no matter what i do i cant seem to get them to go down. i need some help.
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