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  1. Hey guys, the previous owners of my car cut up the rear quarters a lot to fit bigger tires under it and never finished one of the quarters and its all riveted on and just generally reeks of shade tree body work. Is there any where online that sells replacement quarter panels? I have been looking online and i see a lot of what looks like wheel arch "rust repair" replacement and they dont go up around the quarter glass, im looking for something that goes up around the quarter glass. I am just hoping that i dont have to try and find a donor car cause right now in my area its not looking to good.
  2. Well when I said stock I meant that I have both the 280z and zx turbo ecus. And I'm asking will I see all the connectors on the wiring harness or will there be stuff I leave unplugged?
  3. All stock for now just want to get it running
  4. So I'm putting a l28et into a 280z and I'm in way over my head with doing the engine wiring. Since I'm swapping into a z will I use all the connectors on that harness or will there be connectors that are unused? Or is there anything special I need to know about this swap? Im about one week from shipping it to a shop to get finished lol but I really don't want to do that unless I absolutely have to.
  5. All I know is it's a 4 speed I tried to find casting numbers or any numbers and I couldn't find any, might just be looking in the wrong places lol.
  6. I got a l28et with what I'm told is a 4 speed manual and no driveshaft, I'm looking for a driveshaft but I have no idea where to start. Do I look for a 280z shaft or 280zx shaft? Or are they interchangeable?
  7. I'm looking for a turbo engine harness and ecu for a manual car.
  8. I'm about to start doing to final wiring on my car, it's a 280z and im putting a 82-83 l28et in it. I did not receive the engine wiring harness and the harness that is in the car right now is cut (PO put in a sbc) I plan on running a megasquirt ecu so that in the future I can upgrade the turbo and make more power. So my issue right now is I know I can buy a harness "blank" from megasquirt for around 100 I believe but where would I find all the connectors without buying another harness to cut up? I feel competent of my abilities to make the new harness, I've never done it but I have done plenty
  9. Alright cool ill have to look into it, I think we still have one rad shop left in town.
  10. Is this something I can just take to them with the engine in the car or should I just take them my engine outside of it lol?
  11. I have a l28 thats been sitting for awhile and I took the water pump off and noticed that the coolant passages are pretty rusty. It doesn't look bad enough to block flow or anything but it will be turbocharger(stock for now) and I want it to have its max cooling potential. Anyone know how i can clean the passages without getting the block dipped?
  12. Is saw that I put l28 in the first post it is actually an l28et.
  13. thanks for the replies guys, next question and I've been kinda up in the air about this, will I really have the need to upgrade my ecu for ~275-300hp? I've been looking at megasquirts stuff and im not a 100% yet on everything I would need to get that system into my car. Im thinking to start and just get the car up i might just go with a stock ecu and harness so its a little more "plug and play".
  14. Im working on swaping a l28 into my 280z and im in need of a wiring harness and ecu. I just want to get it running but im not having the best luck finding a good wiring harness around my area. So my question is is there anywhere online that sells the wiring harness/ecu i would need? Also in the future i want to start making power with this engine and im thinking i will need an aftermarket ecu (around 300 hp). should i just bite the bullet and get an aftermarket ecu? and would i be able to use the same wiring harness?
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