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  1. I don't know why the na distributor is in it, i have a 83 turbo dizzy comming right now, its got crane firball coil and thats about it.
  2. 82 zx turbo. Stock cam, t3/t4 turbo. Big injectors(unsure of the size) We are getting good A/F and it idles fine. To me it seems like the timing is not advancing when you rev it up. once it gets above 2k-3k it starts to act like it has antilag, lots of fire and poping out the exhaust and 15lbs in neutral. My guess is that the timing isnt advancing. Its running haltech e8. been struggling with this issue for a while now. it has a vaccum advance distributor on it. Im new to this whole tunning thing, im not the one tunning it, we have to really good tuners trying to figure this thing out. Ford 36-1 trigger wheel and sensor. Timing seems fine and fuel is good other than it being locked at 15 degrees. Does it need a different distributor or somthing weird with the haltech? if anyone has any ideas or a base map any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated, willing to try anything at this point.
  3. Once again thanks to jmortensen, Viper's assembly was really nice, everything seemed to fit well with no modification to the column. We have this new fabricator here, and he as cutting and hacking all sorts of columns apart to get them to work and i couldnt understand for the life of me we he couldnt just slide the pedal over and inch or to to clear the column. Then after it was all said and done, I realized it have to be done the way it is to fit center with the S14 dash. All in all it actually looks pretty good, I will try and get some pictures up soon, Thanks for the help, I will try to get better with my searches
  4. thanks for the info, i tried to do a search but all it returned was a bunch of other people asking the same question, or having problems bleeding them out. not about steering column stuff
  5. 73 240z wilwood pedal assembly, has anyone done one in a z, if so, where did you mount and did you have any problems with the steering column? any help will be greatly greatly apreciated
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