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  1. Hi guys, I’m at the wiring point in my ls1 swap, I’m trying to figure out what I need to keep from the engine portion of my stock harness. I went with the Wiring Specialties harness which seems to be a very nice and user friendly harness. So if anyone has any links, advice or info for me I would be very grateful!
  2. The car will be painted this summer, wasn’t a big fan of the blue.
  3. This is the stuff I used, it has a light adhesive so it doesn’t get all nasty like electrical tape. Looks great and was very easy to work with.
  4. Had a busy weekend and pulled the motor and trans out, I figured since I’m swapping the trans I might as well take the motor out and clean up the engine bay. I Spent a lot of time cleaning, sanding and turning my garage into a paint booth lol But I’m very happy with they way everything came out. I also rewrapped the wiring harness which was caked with grease and dirt but i must say it looks 1000x better now.
  5. The motor has good compression and pretty strong before I pulled it from the car, I took it out when I pulled the auto tranny. I was looking to do an LS swap possibly but I think the swap with all cost will blow my budget out of the water.
  6. I was able to buy my car for a very good deal which left me with some extra money in my build budget, I have between 3-4K to spend on my motor. The car has new springs, shocks, bushing and brakes so for now the suspension in taken care of. This is my first Datsun, it’s a 260z with about 175k miles on the motor and it is currently out of the car. I was looking for some advice/ direction on what would give me the most bang for my buck. Any recommendations would be great! Thanks
  7. Got around to taking off the battering rams my car has for bumpers and discovered the first bit of rust (hopefully the only) on the car. It’s bad but not in a bad spot, a little cut and we’d and all should be ok.
  8. Thank you for the welcome! Power is not my goal as of now, I just want a fun weekend car I can zip around in lol. The car runs pretty well right now but I just figure taking the motor and tranny out at the same time will save me a lot of time I hope!
  9. Already ordered new springs, struts, brakes and a bushing kits so that will be first. Then Swap out the auto for a manual, buddy of mind has a 4sd he will give me but if I can find a good priced 5sp I’ll go that direction. I figure it will be a good time for a motor clean up/rebuild so that will most likely come out at the same time as the tranny. Put it back together and then enjoy the car for the summer.
  10. Thank you! Yea the guy selling the car new nothing about it or cars in general which I took full advantage of lol.
  11. Well after MANY years of searching, dreaming, reading and creeping around this site I finally got a Z! She an early 74 260 All original 2 owner car and I couldn’t be more excited about finally getting one these cars. The Car Has been in California since new so hopefully rust if any is minimal. The owner of the car passed away and the control of his estate wanted to get rid of the car in a hurry so bought it for 3k which I feel is an amazing deal! I can’t wait to dive into the car and make it my own.
  12. If you don't mind me asking how much $$ has your swap cost you getting the car to driving condition.
  13. I was wondering how much power you are expecting to make from your motor? I will be into my build soon and trying to figure out if its really worth it to spend the extra $$ on an LS1.
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