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  1. So it's time to start this thread back up! The past couple of years I've moved around quite a bit due to getting out of the military. (Go figure). But I'm finally settled in Albuquerque with a great job and a means of dumping money and time into this project. After gawking at Marc's build, I want to do a build very similar. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. I'm not going to be that guy that just copies his one off but there might be some similarities. I have my full drivetrain and all wiring from the G and it's all waiting to get some love and fresh air and pulled
  2. so after reading what you posted phar, i went out and eyeballed thing with a tape measure and it looks like the bottom of the stock mounts at about the middle of the frame rail will put it right on the money.
  3. Thanks Phar! Is there two interior harnesses or just one? I'm pretty sure the Infiniti's crossmember is steal. After getting the engine and trans pulled it looks like fabbing the mounts out of the existing crossmember is going to be a lot of work either way I go about it, but less work than creating my own with no welding skills. We all learn some time right? Don't worry I'll have my friend come check my welds. The crossmember is almost 29.5" and the space between the wheel wells on the Datsun (on top of the frame rails). I figured I could notch the bottom side of the crossmember to the
  4. Back hard at work tearing apart cars! The Datsun is almost completelly empty (brake power boost and clutch master need to come out). The Infiniti has the entire wire harness pulled through the fire wall and is sitting on top of the engine. I will be pulling the engine and trans tomorrow. I have a harness to pull out of the carthat runs all the stuff inside. So here is my question...... I've got the crossmember in the infiniti that engine is currentlly mounted to that I can cut out the mounting locations to modify and create mounts out of. Or I can pull the entire crossmem
  5. At Phar, yeah I've been saving everything so far. I haven't gotten the FSM but I know I can find it on the G35 forum. I was thinking the same thing for the placement of the harness and electrical components, it should go easier that way.
  6. So I started pulling all the crap out of the Datsun. I cut open the wiring harness to pull out the wiring for the lighting. The file lines are pulled back and will end up getting replaced. I need to pull the interior and dash out still but before I put the car back down on wheals I need to pull the gas tank, rear end and cut out the old trans mounts. I think I might pull the old brake lines out as well and plan on replacing those too. I have some rust around the battery pocket. It goes under the shelf that the battery sits on too. I'm planning on using a wire brush attachment for a dri
  7. I'm pretty sure the metal stakes flipping over the car had a big part in that.
  8. I hydro-planed at 70 mph into and through a cable guard rail. Flat the whole time didn't role it.
  9. In January I totaled my 04 G35 6MT with Brembos. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy it back for only $1100! The damage is all cosmetic, and by cosmetic I mean every panel is bashed or has a dent and scrapes. The entire drive-train is untouched and the car still starts up though. I have also held onto my 77 280Z that I've had since I was 16. Oddly enough I came up with an idea of doing this about 3 years ago (not saying I was the first, that would be dumb) but i didn't think my own car would be the donor. So I've barely scratched the surface and know I'm in for a lot of work. I hav
  10. Thanks. Yeah, I found that as I was digging deeper into EMWHYR0HEN's thread. Crappy post for me as a first sorry.
  11. This is my first post here at this forum (starting a VQ35DE swap to 77 280). I knew that this was going to be a custom drive shaft but figured I could just have a shop cut and re-balance the one out of my parts car. Is there an issue with having that done?
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