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  1. s30kid

    zx alternator keeps frying

    I did the wiring for the regulator removal however it doenst matter anymore since I hotwired the alternator, Since jumpering the wires on the external regulator just sends constant and switched voltage to the alt. Xnke, What size resistor should I use or what size light bulb whould be correct for the L wire?
  2. So I did the zx alternator upgrade years ago and I never had problems with it before. But the other day my alternator died, so I warrantied it out and put a new one in, and 5 mins later that one fried. So I got another one, checked all my wiring. nothing is out of place, drove the car all day yesterday no issue. Today I stated the car up and let it warm up and the alternator fried again! And every time they fry a plume of smoke comes from them and a wretched smell. So, The way I have the alternator wired is, S is constant power and L is switched power. I no longer have the factory dashboard so S is wired straight to the BAT terminal on the alt, and L is wired to my new fusebox on a 25A fuse that is switched with the key on. I know my wiring is not bad because it worked for years before. Im wondering if somewhere in the factory harness a wire has rubbed through and maybe is grounding out? Also my ecu is powered off the same fusebox with a switch separate from the key, so when I turn the key off the engine will stay running until I turn the ecu off I think because the alt is feeding electricity back into the fusebox. It has always done this and I actually like that "feature" because I can let my car warm up in the morning without the key in so noone else can hop in and go. However every time the alternator has melted has been when I turned the key off while the car was running, It has never done that before. I have the FSM and I have looked over the wiring diagram many times. Nothing is wired incorrectly something must be grounding out I think.
  3. I ordered my flares from jpn early June and didn't receive them until late August. I even payed for expedited shipping because i wanted my flares in time for the hot august nights drift event. Same story, automated response with a broken link for tracking info. I emailed many times and got nothing. Finally I direct messaged him on instagram. He replied. I gave him the order info with my name and never got a response. Eventually they showed up on my door. I'm glad they showed up but I'm very unhappy with customer service. Also the flares could be built... better. Maybe more layers in the fibreglass? Because the moment I mounted them they all cracked
  4. s30kid


    what thread size are thoes on the cooler side? id love to put an fittings on my oil cooler
  5. s30kid

    Blow headgasket msq and datalog review

    Yes I run a turbo dizzy and the last time I checked the trigger offset it was spot on but I will double check when I put it all back together. Thanks for the tip Chickenman I Will try that out. Normally I use red hi-temp rtv but This time I was using all brand new gaskets so I didnt use any. Also I normally run the car straight pipped so when I closed the exhaust cutout I think all the back pressure in the exhaust caused the exhaust gasket to fail.
  6. s30kid

    Blow headgasket msq and datalog review

    I forgot to mention the car runs on 91oct pump gas. I have a 16 gallon fuel cell with a 2 inch sump on the back but no sponge. The fuel pump is mounted horizontal to the bar that holds the rear of the control arms. The pump is mounted lower then the output of the tank for gravity feeding. And there is a Russell -6 filter between the tank and the pump. I want to say I had 3/4 of a tank of gas but I'm not sure. But that was a great point you made Namor, I will add a fuel pressure sensor to the megasquirt that way I can check in the future. The fuel pump location has always bothered me and I'd like to go to a internal pump swirl pot setup with a scavenge pump feeding the pot. And to answer Madkaw, I've just always had a n47 head. I tried many times to buy a p90 but they are harder to find than a diamond in the backyard. I actually found one. There was a 280zxt at my local yard and I was the first one to the car. Paid 60$ for a p90 with a non turbo cam, 6 cracks and warped beyond saving. So I stuck with the n47. And I enjoy the higher compression. The car makes a ton of torque, has great low end power and spins 225 60 15 tires through 4th gear on 15 psI. Also, there is a guy here local that has a turbo z with a gt35r, and a far better tune than i, and my car blows him out the water and dragges him behind my bumper with a 30 foot rope. And mines a 2+2! I've done some research and if you clean up the bowls on the intake side and clean up the castings the head should flow the same as a stock p90. Anyway this post is much longer then I originally Intended it to be. Thank you guys for the input and let me know what you think
  7. s30kid

    Blow headgasket msq and datalog review

    Yes, so I got around to working on the car this weekend and it turns out the bolts holding the number 6 runner backed out and caused the gasket to burn up. I already have a new exhaust and head gasket. The head looks good. It has some grooves from the firing ring of the gasket and that's why I'm machining it. Thoes grooves were there the last time I popped the headgasket but I just didn't have enough time to get the head done. My machines that says it's very common to see that and it's caused by the head slightly lifting and smacking back down on the gasket. So I read up on another forum and I'll be tourquing the head to 70ftlbs instead of the arp recommended 60ftlbs. I had this head fully rebuilt 6 or so months ago so I'm glad to see everything is good. The cam has worn in good, all the rockers and valves still look good. So just a resurface and I'll be ready to put it back together
  8. s30kid

    Blow headgasket msq and datalog review

    Yes the wastegate tube dumps straight out the hood sorry for the confusion. And I did a little work on the car yesterday. Compression test with 150 across the board. Number 6 is where the gasket has blown however it's a small pinhole. And by that I mean the car isn't blowing smoke and consuming all the water and overheating like usual. It's just slowly sipping the coolant. I actually drove the car all day yetlsterday and only had to top off the radiator once. Also I retract my statment about the headgasket going through the exhaust I actually believe it was the exhaust manifold gasket that got burned up because yesterday it did it again and I had a huge exhaust leak afterwards. Anyway this weekend I will be pulling the head and sending it to the machine shop.
  9. s30kid

    valve covers

  10. s30kid

    Garage clean out Turbo stuff

    Sorry I have not been online in a while. I updated the post sorry for any inconvenience
  11. s30kid

    Blow headgasket msq and datalog review

    The compression is around 8.3:1 with the n47 head with 10cc dished pistons. I do plan on getting a knock sensor and I forgot to mention I do plan on getting a dyno tune once I replace the gasket. As well as rejecting the methanol. I'm waiting on a new nozzle the one I have is too big right now and bogs the motor down. I think it's like a 600hp nozzle. Sorry for the fast reply I'm at work right now
  12. Hello everyone I was hoping for some insight on my tune for my car. I though I had set it up to be very conservative, running rich under boost with low timing, however I have blown another headgasket. I had a date set to get the car tuned but that turned into a huge fiasco with the tuner taking my car for over a week and completely blowing me off resulting in some heated conversations. Long story short I took the car back and had to fully retune the car because it ran worse then when i brought it to him. I got the car running great on 5psi of boost daily for a few months. afrs were 11s under boost 14-15s crusing on the freeway. The problem is I got greedy and set the EBC to 11psi which was a load of fun car was running great for about 3 days, never skipped a beat. Never leaned out. But alas, all good things must come to an end and the head gasket failed. My engine setup consists of: f54 block replacement cast turbo pistons replacement turbo rings gapped to .020 on the top and .022 on the second ring balanced rotating assembly n47 head A stamped cam fidanza 11lb flywheel 6 puc clutch holset HY35 turbo tial 38mm wastegate with 5lb spring 440cc supra injectors fuellab pressure regulator at 40psi at idle walbro 255 fuel pump rb25 throttle body with s13 tps methanol injecton but not currently spraying megasquirt 2 with direct coil control, launch control, boost control arp head studs felpro headgasket gm clt sensor gm intake sensor (but i think the methanol ruined the sensor because it no longer reads) also I have a 2 1/2 crush bent exhaust through a baffled muffler to keep the car quiet so yes there is back pressure I think thats everything. I have many datalogs unfortunatly i was not loging when the head gasket blew. however the gasket blew in 3rd gear full throttle 11lbs of boost around 4500rpm. I saw the wastegate dump tube throw a fireball up and over the car and I saw it land on the ground behind me. I believe that was a piece of headgasket. I dont have any datalogs of when the car was running 5 psi but I do have 5 datalogs of when I was setting the boost controller for 11 psi. I had to compress the files into a .rar file because I do not have the correct permissions to upload .msq or .zip Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated! Samuel msq and datalogs.rar
  13. Alot of parts I dont have prices for because I dont really know what they are worth. 280z steering rack needs grease,boots. $100 280z rear kyb shocks. Used only 1 year. SOLD Set of 4 280z springs. Uncut. $? 280zx turbo exhaust manifold bead blasted and high temp painted SOLD 280zx thermostat housing SOLD 280z e30 A camshaft SOLD Holset hy35 turbo modifyed for tial 38mm external wastegate. perfect for wanting an external wastegate setup on l28et. SOLD Tial 38mm wastegate SOLD Holset hy35 stock wastegate $25 280z heater/ac blower motor assembly. Worked when pulled out of my car. $? 280z distributor with locked mechanical advance SOLD 280z dashboard facia for ac controls. $? 280z flywheel clutch and pressure plate. All used. Clutch was run for a few months until it started to slip when I went high HP. So i swapped for a new setup. SOLD 280z front passenger seat $? 280z drivers seat missing rails and frame. Same condition $? 280z 2+2 rear seats. Good foam. Need reuppostry $? F45 block. Needs rebuild. 2 pistons are blown. Good crank and rods. $? N47 head. Has cracks betweens valves. But has full valvetrain and cam $? P90 head. I had it checked by a machine shop. The head is wapred and has 3 cracks. All fixable. But costs $$ and I'm swapping to a new engine setup so I no longer need it. $? (2) Nissan non turbo valve covers. $50 each. 280z steering shaft $10 z31 throttle body modifyed to fit stock 280z linkage SOLD (2) Dan Gurney wheels $150 For most parts shipping will be between $15 and $30
  14. s30kid

    l28et megasquirt 2

    I got the car running great! I coppied Cygnus's afr table, spark table and fuel table and then set my trigger offset to 66 and the car ran great. I then used the timing light to dial in the timing with megasquirt and my final number is 53.30. I got the car running with timing locked at 10* then used the timing light on the motor till the motor was at 10* and the car runs perfect. The tune Is perfect for anyone that wants to run a stock style l28et with 440cc injectors.
  15. s30kid

    l28et megasquirt 2

    ^ Thats exactly what I am doing right now. However, in his file his angle offset was set to -66 and when I ran that number TS I was getting an error for a negative value so I set it to 66 and the car fired up and died. So The problem was definitely my angle offset value being way off but my battery died so I will try again tomorrow.