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  1. I know this post is over a year old, but just wanted to say thanks for the wiring diagram Zed. I was having a start issue and thought it was the switch, seems I forgot to reconnect the start wire to the resistor. WW
  2. wildwillie

    Manual trans????

    I used a muncie 4-speed in my 280z. I made a bracket for the hurst shifter that extended it towards the rear so that the shifter would come up in the original hole. You will also have to extend the shifter rods. I just spliced in some extra rod til it was the correct length. I had to massage the trans tunnel a little to have room for the shifter and rods, but it wasn't too bad. I made my own motor mounts so I offset the engine just a tad to get room between the headers and the steering shaft, so you might have a tighter fit. I'm not familiar with the JTR kit.