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  1. that would for sure be a good place to start, i'm sure they would work as the cast manifolds exit about the same place those headers do, maybe a little lower but that just means it will be easier to to the flange bolts...
  2. Has anyone found headers that will work in a 280ZX w/ a 318/340/360? I guess the first thing i should have asked, does anyone else besides me have a 318 in there ZX lol
  3. I have an 83 280zx, i'm hoping someone can enlighten me on what all can cause excess camber on one rear wheel. The driver side rear tire is almost bald on the inside, and looks great on the outside. I haven't had much of a chance yet to study the suspension on these cars (have to use someone elses shop as i don't have one) so i'm not sure what it could be. I hope its just a normal wear part. Thanks in advance
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