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  1. im in cape town .I got complete motor from my neighbour who is moving to joburg for R300 .So i would also like to build up something nice,not too radical just lekker.
  2. by the way my two electric fans work great when driving stays at 1/4 in traffic under half way
  3. All done runs well ,no probs.Fits too,with two electric fans on front,keeps cool.
  4. My bell housing doesnt come off....peace
  5. will post project thread when done have been taking pics as i go along.Like the suggestion of two offset fans.cheers
  6. Thanks for the replies. So if i use viscous then i must make a way to hide/protect the rad and the grille wont fit properly either.
  7. I have fitted a L28 into my hardbody 4x4 ,all i need to do is mount the radiator.If i use the viscous it pushs the radiator further out ,which is alright .But if i fitted an electric fan it can be fitted on the front and wont stick out so much.But is electric good enough????
  8. Fix what, the gear levers being skew ,i was going to leave it like that and keep the engine mounts level.Would u rather run boxs skew or motor(straight up ).
  9. Thanks devilz it fits just have to mount radiator in the bumper ,i see the nissan patrols also use the motor aslo cantered does it slant to the rear and how much.
  10. Hi im new and from south africa . Ny Z24 was shot so i got a L28 cause it would bolt on .It s bolted together but the motor originally sits to the left ,but if i had to do that my transfer box and gear levers are way skew.Seems the boxs differed with bolt patterns. Why are these motors built to sit to the left. So If i run the motor straight up would it be a problem with the oil feed or carb float level.Otherwise i must run the boxs skew and bend gear levers and fill with more oil.So please i hope someone can help . Jared
  11. why does the L motor have a canter to the left? I have fitted the L28 to a hardbody 4x4 box ,today,but to have my transfer box sitting right and the motor is way skew and vice a versa .Can i run the motor straight up with out problems or is it vitally important to be off to the left.?
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