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  1. Well, picked up some more addiction.. -Chris
  2. Thank you! Finally wrote my last exam of the semester on Friday and got right to work on the car. Started with some small things then began installing the suspension that I have had sitting here for a year. Also got some new tie rods in, new rad pipe and tried to clean up the grease deposits on the front end from the old leaky suspension. Pic's! Hopefully the car will sit a little lower once the suspension has all settled. Even if it doesn't I am happy with the height as I want to have a performing car, not a stance machine!
  3. Perfect thanks! Hopefully ill get this on during the summer.
  4. Updated it just for ya! Tony240ZT what are you running for a rear disk setup? Looking to do the same on my car this summer.
  5. Just a small update of my current status. She is running and moving under its own power but strongly needs a tune. Recently just been driving around locally to keep the engine running every now and then. Also Picked up some new RAYS Gram Lights 57V's for a steal. Paid $1000 CAD for a set and they are normally ~$350 USD a piece and threw on some used Toyo R1R 195/50/R50 tires for now. Looking to install the suspension for the car that I've had sitting around for over a year during the summer, clean up some wiring and get it on the dyno for a final tune!! Then i can finally start to daily it yahoo!! Some pictures and videos of her current status /\ Ride height looks cockeyed and crappy because the suspension is soooooo shot. The struts have no gas charge or oil left in them hahah, can't wait to fix that this summer Recent quick video of it running https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLFbwrlF_nc And a quick run around the neighborhood, ignore the camera shaking, I just taped my phone to the rear view!! Hahaha
  6. Really eh?!? I just picked up some new Rays rims and Toyo r1r, only 195/50/15 but suuper soft and sticky. We'll see how much traction i can get before upgrading to some 215's. Can't wait to finally get to drive it!! Haha 7M bro's!
  7. Any chance when you get the car back we could get an overall height measurement? Curious how low it is
  8. Sounds like it should be a quick turn around! That'll be nice to have it back on the road. What tires where you running before when you had traction issues? Im looking into getting some 225 Toyo R888 over the summer, hopefully it will be enough for now, before I put the wide body on anyways haha. I've often thought of doing a shroud, ill be looking forward to seeing the pictures of your shroud! Hmm that is a pretty dam good idea, never even remotely thought of that. That could work out perfect actually, i'll have to drain the tank and give it a try!
  9. Ahh quite a bit to get it to the point I want haha. Right now it runs and drives but strongly needs a tune. Also needs a new fuel reg, fuel cell (small return on the stock tank is giving me a high line pressure from restriction), needs exhaust work, needs some spark plug wires, gotta install the suspension and bushing kit I have, need to do some welds on the chassis. Should really re-wire the engine bay to clean it up as well, then maybe i can call it done for now!! Also plan to put a 280YZ wide body kit on when im done school, i hope haha. Whats your rough eta to get yours back on the road?
  10. Glad to see your 7M Z is still alive! Makes me want to get back to work on my car and get her going soon. Been off the road almost 3 years now... Any recent videos of it running before taking it apart?
  11. Hey, no none currently, im in my second semester of school and have no spare time or money for the car at this time unfortunately. Chris
  12. Well I've decided to give a bit of an update rather than just the previous video: Accidentally shorted the VEMS due to 1 wire... So i did what I should have done and picked up a Haltech S500 to get it running in the previous video Tranny is KOD, so I will be rebuilding that over my winter break No Hp/Tq numbers yet, did get a chance to run it on the dyno but no power pulls, I would like to break it in first Going to need to re-wire the engine bay Also going to have to change the BOV, has major leakage upon idle and low boost <1lb most likely will be running new fuel lines, current ones are too weak Also will be putting in a different FPR Hopefully when It is rewired and plumbed Ill tune it too 12lbs and see how that goes!! BLOZ UP - I found an excel spread sheet on google that allows me to plug in my required variables and it will tell me how long to cut and at what angle I need to cut at: http://weldingweb.com/showthread.php?17518-Tube-pie-cut-calculator
  13. Seattlejester is right on the money, no pun intended haha. Things are going to cost much more than expected, And cutting corners will not do anything other than cost more money..$15k for a 2jz-GTE swap is very reasonable, Im at roughly $7k for a 7m-gte swap with stock turbo, Haltch S500, and I did all the work myself other than tuning. Also keep in mind that once you go over roughly 350hp you really need to start to stiffen and strengthen the body or it will bet ripped apart over time, and that will grow exponentially with more power, even with my 100% stock Z i could feel the car flex a lot when I would really push it through corners.
  14. Honestly there is no point in building a GE engine unless money is no object, but even then there is no logic. Trust me once you get into building any swap you WILL be spending more than anticipated. So buying a GTE from the beginning is just a smarter choice, it is much more stout and can take a beating vs. the GE. There is a guy on my local forum who brings in GTE swaps; complete engine w/turbo, tranny, uncut harness and ecu for $3500 so say you want to put on a nice PTE 6266 or something there is another $750. Versus trying to build a GE with forged pistons, rods, new manifolds, ecu (N/A one wont work), charge pipes, fluids, mounts, wiring, turbo, waste gate, BOV and everything else you will easily spend more than starting with a GTE, if you don't cut corners. But if you start with a GE and do it cheaper by cutting corners it will come back to bite you.. I know this for a fact! The one corner I cut on my build was building my own engine harness and I cooked my ecu because of 1 wire being in the wrong place. So in my opinion, just get the GTE, it makes no sense to do things twice because you took the cheaper route, my little mistake cost me $2000....
  15. She runs!! Now just to sort out the transmission issues and all the other little bugs.
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