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  1. Zetsaz, thanks for that direction. I thought that may be the case that I would need to trim the top but I was reluctant to jump in and start cutting into a new panel! Thanks for confirming this is what you had to do. What was your process? Did you trim the entire length of the top edge all at once or did you just trim back the areas under the door post and rear 1/4 to allow the whole panel to be moved upward as needed until the door gap was correct? Thanks again for feedback.
  2. Hi everyone. I appreciate all the information from the members of this site. It's been invaluable since I decided to tackle this project. I have a 71. I've replaced the drivers side floor with one from MSA. The floors and lower inner rocker, outer rocker were toast. I initially cut out the bottom of the inner rocker which was beyond saving along with the outer rocker. After welding in the new floor on three sides along with a new MSA frame support rail, I went about the business of figuring out to best tackle the lower inner rocker to best support weld ing points for the exterior side of the f
  3. Does anyone have experience with fabricating new metal for the lower third of the inner rocker (below the holes/dimples)? My floors were a real cluster. Lots of rust of course, with not one, but two additional layers of metal welded over the top of the orginals from previous PO's. During the removal of the old floorpan layers, I had to cut away the rusted bottom of the inner rocker. I have the outer rocker removed for access (replacing that too). I have the tabco outer rocker and the zedd floor on hand. My question is what can I do to best create a new attachment point for the new floor to the
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