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  1. Im upgrading the suspension on my '77 280z and looking at lowering it ~2". I'm looking at Tokico illumina shocks with ground control coils. BLOZ UP (or anyone else who has something similar) it would be helpful to know what kind of setup your running? It would also be helpful if you could include part numbers and if you did any strut mods. After suspension is done, I plan to run some 16x8 XXR 521 w/ 225/50-16 tires or maybe go with a smaller tire to get a slightly stretched look.
  2. This is my first car a 77' 280z non-turbo w/ 5-speed transmission. I bought this car even before I new much about the old Z's. I am so glad I did.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to Hybridz.org and I greatly appreciate you more experienced users putting together instructions like these. I am currently planning to building coilovers like these with Tokico Illumina shocks, and either Ground control coils or some H&R springs. Does anyone have help full tips for picking out springs? Jordan
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