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  1. Well, the nightmare happend to me .. you pull the release and it just keeps coming out. It's at this time that you wished you'd paid more attention to the exact details of how that release works or had a nearby 240Z that you could orient yourself to before proceeding .. but I had neither. So checking the forums yielded a couple of methods.. from below or unbolt front hinges... but lacked detail as to exactly what one was to do... other than fishing around with a screwdriver.. So after tackling this from below with strategic lighting and those extendable mirrors, I finally
  2. Having just purchased my first 240Z and having just replaced the wiper motor with one from a '96 accord, appreciate this site when someone files a thorough "how to do it" complete with pics. I don't understand the relay part of the wiper to auto park.. but working on it. Was searching forum for a washer replacement. I read one entry about a NAPA generic.. for $30 but no part# etc. So for the fun of it, I asked the Parts Counter at Canadian Tire if they carried a washer motor for a '71 240Z .. after a snide chuckle.. wala.. he found a listing. Here it is .. a TRICO 11-100 for
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