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  1. There is at least one 2.3 Turbo running in an MGB. I have an MGB with a 2.3 Turbo sitting in it but the project is not running and is in line after one or two others. But, WHY go with that engine when thenew Mustang 2.3 Turbo can be had? There are wrecks that can be bought and the entire drive line put into a Z31. THAT is the project I would love to do.
  2. JGug1


    Don't know why one would use that exact engine but the 2.3 Turbo out of '88 T-Bird might be an interesting choice. I have given it passing thought as I have two of those engines, one going into an MGB. From what I have read, it is fairly easy to get 300 hp out of that engine without much effort. A larger intercooler, larger exhaust valves, stuff like that.
  3. I haven't figured out yet what engine it will be but my blue Z is going to get a new engine. Honestly, I do understand the arguments for a new rebuilt Z31 engine. I do not expect to do that. Do any of you know where I might find the important engine and engijne bay measurements that I will need to pick an engine?
  4. OK, I got one in. Hmmm. Let me try to show you the Turbo 4 cyl in the MGB. AHHHAAAA, And now that I have become an expert at this, here are some more of the Blue Z.
  5. Here we are two years down the road and I have been driving my Z31, happily, devoting money to other projects and only thinking from time to time about an engine in the Blue Z31. However, I drove it to Denver from KC a few weeks ago and while it was a joy to drive, I noticed that my oil pressure was lower than I usually see on the way back. I do not know the history of the engine but the car has over 150,000 miles on it. If the engine has not been replaced....where am I and can I count on it to drive long distances? I am beginning to really think about an engine. An interesting side note: I have a 2.3 Turbo Thunderbird project MGB that will be running, probably by end of January. This engine fascinates me because that turbo 4 pushed a car a thousand pounds bigger than the MGB and I think the B is going to be a winner with the engine....I have given passing considerationj to using the second 2.3 engine I own in the Z.......But, I can't bring myself to put the 4 Cyl in the car, even though I can easily get over 300 hp out of it, VERY EASILY. So, I continue to think about the Mustang V6. I know.......I really do konw that I could stay Nissan. Something is keeping me from doing it. Oh, I've searched and searched to find a way to post pictures...I THINK I have figured out how to do it. So, if so, here are three pictures of my Blue Z and as a bonus, an underhood shot of the Turbo 2.3 in my MGB
  6. I want to thank you all for the input. It will be a while before any decision is made but I will keep you in the loop. JG
  7. My Z31 is nearing complete restoration. It was "pretty much done" and I was actually driving it when it was hit by a pick up truck while parked. The driver, a really decent guy, stopped and called state troopers to find the owner. His truck had taken out the left quarter panel. His insurance paid for the new restoration and this time, I am doing the interior including the seats and carpet. There is scarcely anything not done.......except the under hood. The engine still runs strongly with 150,000 miles on it......What to do? I am pretty much decided on going to the dark side but I really want to stay V6. So, what options. I've seen someone in Florida who does a VQ37VHR swap but his price is $15K and what about the under hood prep? I think my guy here could do that swap but......what about the new (2011 and later) Mustang V6? Almost as much horsepower and it gets over 30 mpg in the Mustang, a car that weighs over 400 pounds than the Z31. Anyone know of such a swap?
  8. Given the immense progress in the development of V6 engines in both power and efficiency, I am considering a late model American engine/transmission for my '88 Z31.I've done a brief look through the history here but only found references to V35de swaps. I don't know that there is any particular advantage to using a late model Nissan engine rather than a Ford V6, for example. What have others done and do others perceive advantages to using a late model Z engine? By the way, I ended up with the project car while looking for a fender for my '87Z, since sold. It had a relatively rare in my experience, factory blue color and was just too sound and straight to part out. Many thousands of dollars later, because even VERY sound cars that have been sitting for 5 years (rabbit living under the hood) require considerable work, the car has just come out of the paint shop. If someone will advise on how to add pictures, I'd love to share some with you.
  9. I have been led to believe that this topic has been very well discussed on this forum. I *have* searched using various phrases and words....with ZERO success. Would someone more effective than I am give me a/some URL's. What I'd like to do is put a LSD in my Z31. Finding a Z31 pumpkin with its "guts" is next to impossible. They are very rare, as you know. There are plenty of Z32's around and at this moment I actually have a lead on one for a very reasonable price. HELP!!! Oh, and thank you.
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