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  1. Right, I saw your setup in the links tamo3 posted and it looked pretty good and I am seriously considering that route (since my welding skills are less than ideal). I work in an aircraft research facility at the University of Iowa and had some engineers look at my drawings for my idea, they said it should work as long as I put spacers in between the mounting ears in tunnel to keep it rigid and transfer shear through the bolts without introducing horizontal rotation along the front to back line of the car. Since I have the stuff already made up for my adapter plate and spacers, I am going to tr
  2. Hey thanks for the links I greatly appreciate it. I didn't realize the 280z was so similar to the 280zx on the transmission mount or I would have searched a bit harder. I think I am still going to go with my plan so I don't have to cut and/or weld the cross-member. If you install the mount the same direction that it was installed on fs5w71b there is 3 cm difference between the two and that gives me enough clearance to put bolts on top of my adapter plate. I didn't even notice that the neutral switch would hit the mounts in the tunnel and now I have a plug on order to delete it (I was just goin
  3. I am just finishing up my swap of a fs5w71c transmission into my s130. What I am trying to figure out is what to do with the rear mount on it. There is about 2 cm difference between the mount of fs5w71b and the fs5w71c (the c is longer). I was thinking about using longer bolts through the brackets on the body and hanging the cross member from the back of the brackets instead of in between. That will move the mount location on the car 5 cm back. I will then use an adapter plate between the transmission and mount to move it 3 cm back further to match the mount point on the car. I wa
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