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  1. Hi guys,Does anyone know why the frame rails (aka floor supports) don't run de complete length of the floor pan in the rear? They stop around 3 inches in front of the end. See picture.I need to replace those end sections I was wondering if I can just extend them to the end because I think that will give extra strength. Or is there a good reasons they don't run to the end?Thanks!ReinierAmsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Hi guys. Just wanted to let you guys know that I bought the car. The car looked and drove really well. Paint 8/10. Interior 8/10. Engine & gearbox 10/10. Handling 10/10. Of course it needs some work here and there but I could definitely see that someone has spent some serious money on this car the last few years.
  3. This car is already on a ship heading for Europe. I'm not the one importing but I've spoken to the guy who is and I have first dibs on the car. So basically I can just have a good look when it arrives here and then decide. I did have a quick look on Facebook but most cars I saw there were quite expensive. Importing a car myself is definitely an option so if anyone know of a decent Z for sale, let me know!
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I will definitely have a good look at all the areas you guys describe. No I don't know Romas Villeman. Who are what is it?
  5. Thanks Socorob. The car is on it's way here and the seller has a lift so I will have a good look at the underside before I make any decision. I will also have a look at Project Hugo. It might be educational
  6. Thnx for your reply. I agree with you on those numbers spent on the paint and interior. I'm sure they were part of a sale pitch. How much would a nice clean 280Z sell for in The States? I thought about importing one myself but that would be a big risk as I have to buy it without seeing and driving it.
  7. Hi guys, I'm Z enthusiast from The Netherlands and right now I'm hunting for my first Z. Well it's not my first because I've owned two 350Z's and a 300ZX TT but this will be my first Datsun S30 Z and also my first classic car / oldtimer. Right now I own a 2013 Ford Focus ST Wagon as my daily and family car but in the last 10 years I've had a number of Japanese performance cars: Nissan 350Z, Honda S2000, Impreza GT Turbo Wagon, 300ZX TT and a 1991 Miata. Most heavily modified with coilovers, turbo upgrades, big brake kits etc etc. The Datsun Z has been my dream car for more than 10 years and in my mind it was just too expensive and too much work to ever make that dream a reality. But around two weeks ago I had an epiphany when I realised that I can actually buy one now. I'm earning more than enough money as a freelance web developer and I have the skills to do all the mechanical work apart from welding (haven't been to a dealer in 10 years for repairs or maintenance). The only "problem" is that I don't own a garage that is big enough to store a Z but I'm already looking for one to rent in my area which shouldn't be a problem. My plan for the Z is buy one that is rust free (or almost), has a manual gearbox and runs well so I can basically start using it right away. Drive it to work on nice days and do some drives in the weekends. Get to know the car and it's problems and then start improving it at a slow a steady pace. I will start with fixing the small problems and then look into making it handle better and look better. Improving power is at the bottom of my list. I'm in no hurry and I hope this will be that car that I will never sell and pass on to my son in 30 years time. I have a budget of 10.000 to 15.000 euro which is kind of tight for a nice Z here in The Netherlands. A nice restored 240Z costs around 30-40, a good one 20-30 and okay ones seem to start around 16. I actually have a preference for a 280Z because those seem to be a little cheaper and have some improvements for regular road use like a stiffer frame and fuel injection. After placing an wanted advert a nice guy contacted me and told me he was importing a 280z and two Z31's from California. He told me he came across this 280Z that was virtually rust free, had a recent 6000 dollar paint job, a 4000 dollar interior job and a recent engine rebuild done and that he made a low ball offer that to his own surprise was accepted. He told me his asking price which is well within my budget and that I have first dibs on the car. Yeah I know it all sounds a bit too good to be true but then he send me the pictures I was pleasantly surprised because it really does look like a very good car. To me anyways but I'm a new to Z's and I might overlook things that you guys notice right away... That is why I would like to hear your first impressions on this car. The license plate makes me think this car was owned by a enthusiast which would kind of make the whole story plausible. Hell maybe even some people here know this particular car? So please let me know what you guys think. Thnx! Reinier Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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