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  1. not sure how long its been since I've seen the car, but I think I've seen it in Jacksonville, FL
  2. Thanks for the link. I actually messaged him on ls1tech before he listed it for sell when it still had the 6 speed in it. At that time he wanted 35k because he wasn't looking to move it yet. I bought a RS7 before this came up for sell. I used up my "hobby car" money on the Audi so I am now out of the search.
  3. let me clarify 30k would be for a perfect car to me. Most the cars i've come across have been 10-20k cars.
  4. I'm looking for a complete and sorted car. 6 speed preferred but not a deal breaker if not so equipped, but car would need to have a modern overdrive automatic. 4l60 etc. Will entertain all builds from stock motors to built big power setups as long as they are set up for the street/track use... Not looking for a car with a 5 gallon fuel cell to trailer to the drag strip. Not looking for a project. Not looking to get into rust repair/bodywork. If interior needs updating I'm open. Budget is going to be asked so let's try and stay under 30k. Thank You
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