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  1. Dan- I was asking because in the megamanual it states "for hall effect only-(EDIS, VAST, luminition, etc): a) Link OPTOOUT to TSEL Solder a wire between TACHSELECT and XG1 c) For 5V inputs fit a 470R resistor into the position of R12 For 12V inputs fit a 1K resistor into the position of R12" I went the 12v 1k route and was wondering if I choose the correct resistor for the trigger input.
  2. Metro you're the man, thanks!
  3. I have been doing a bunch of reading on the 83 turbo dizzy and megasquirt setups and I just want some verification that it's input voltage is 12v and not 5v reason being is my setup was getting really erratic spark I was wondering if I was feeding the dizzy too much power since there are two different vvalues to use for each voltage My set up is as follows Ms2 v3 Extra code Stock l28 83 dizzy and an msd blaster Dropping resistors for the stock low impedance iinjectors
  4. peyton


    I know no one cares but I solved the issue. What caused my issues bad starter gound smoked BIP373 bad spark plugs. I'm still using the stock trigger wheel because the boob before me stripped the screws that connects (what I believe to be) the CAS housing and I really dont want to source a new 83 dizzy
  5. Hello all. here is/are my problem(s) 1st and most pressing issue is I got the car to run, but the issue is it runs with the VACUUM line from the intake DISCONNECTED..... literally I just grabbed a similiar build and used the VE and the Spark advance and the AFR tables when I did that It almost started right up. played with the electrical trigger and the physical timming and she ran. then I noticed the vacuum was unattached so I attached it and it died instantly SO it wont start with the Vacuum line to the map sensor, when its attached while I'm looking at the maps (VE and SPARK advance) the kpa drops to roughly 30 or so for the VE table I can upload an MSQ for further information but I really need to know how to upload and retrieve datalogs so I can provide more information as to what is happening Build Information MS2 V3 (built by a noob) -stock map sensor -NO MODS -STOCK B&G CODE -NOT THE EXTRA CODE ENGINE L28et stock 100% stock injectors stock throttle body stock dizzy stock everything Second Issue is I got a LC1 wideband on Craigslist and it was sorta chopped up but I managed to wire it up... the Tunerstudio is saying something like 14V~17v and drops to about 11~12V when starting.... if anyone had an idea how to fix this it would be great because then I would be able to log my AFR for tuning and diagnosis any and all help would be much appreciated.
  6. peyton


    Thank you Dan for your input. once pay day rolls around I will order the CAS wheel from DIY and get the full license from Tunerstudios. I will see what I can do about installing the extra code since I had to snip out the pwm flyback circuit due to not being able to get nearly enough resistance (~20ohm) instead of the 60 ohms the mega manual suggests and the 300ohms the extra manual suggests. any suggestions as to how to fix that? I chamfered the bolt hole, sanded the heat sink lightly (first with 120, then with 100, then with 80), cleaned the board with 91%
  7. So I really hate to do this to my pride.. but I'm not super great at this stuff and I just want to make sure I have my settings and setup "generally" correct so I don't blow my engine or ~$400 ecu investment up. I would greatly appreciate any constructive advise as to what setting are wack or what should be corrected immediately via me being a noob. I honestly went through the the "http://www.megamanual.com/mt29.htm" and did the best I could to follow along but I'm just nervous about my work all I'm asking is to look over my MSQ and give some advise for the parameters I have for my setup I will include other information and try to be as clear as possible. so my set up is Car- 1975 280z 2+2 Engine-stock 1983 L28ET P90a head Stock bottom for 1983 turbo I think the "Fwhatever" N42 plenum standard Coil Megasquirt 2 v3 code 2.92 -megasquirt setup is as follows- I built this up via the http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/V3assemble.htm I built the ecu per the diyautotune site's advise to "Build the ECU up to trigger from the Hall/Optical Input" - I followed the "mods" for the ms2 in this article http://www.diyautotune.com/tech_articles/how_to_megasquirt_your_280zx_turbo.htm I DID NOT INSTALL THE VR CIRCUIT, PWM IDLE VALVE OR THE PWM FLYBACK FOR THE INJECTORS.. I was under the impression that they weren't required. for step 65. I chose to go the direct coil control route (I have BIP373 if that's of any useful information.) through the whole installation I did the appropriate tests and all came back how they were supposed to so I figure that I at least did that part basically right. as for the Specific information about my setup I am using the '83 dizzy from the with the stock trigger wheel Stock throttle body w/ 240sx tps adapted Stock injectors with 25watt 6 ohm resistors.....I do not have the pwm flyback circuit (I installed it and bench tested it with the stim and I believe I didn't have enough resistance "or a short" between Q9\Q12 and the heat sink because my ecu basically stopped working....so I removed the circuit and now it works exactly like it used to.) I don't have the MS relay board. so I had to wire my own relay and junction box up, but I will get the relay board soon. I will attach a paint file with how my wiring harness was done...if interested. maybe diagnostic reasons or to laugh at how I shouldn't be an electrician. I spent a lot of time looking for someone with a similar build to mine using the stock dizzy and a standard coil instead of a hei/vr setup to use as a reference for the dwell parameters and the other settings but I wasn't too lucky so I spent a lot of time reading the tuning section and getting confused. so here is my current MSQ please help and ask as many questions as you need I will answer to the best of my ability. any feedback would be lovely since I've had this car for about 2 years and have been fucked over and ripped off multiple times. any help is greatly appreciated 2013-07-21_02.14.43.msq.zip
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