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  1. I am having a ton of trouble figuring out which wires go where on my 1970 240z combination switch. Does anyone have a guide or some picture that is labeled that can tell me which wires go where from my combination switches. I have wired it up and gotten headlights once, but my cousin did the wiring and has since lost its connection and now nothing works... What I need to know: how to wire up my summit wiring harness into this combination switch, it's driving me crazy. The colors are different on my switch, and I understand how the switch works but I cannot figure out what connect
  2. Alright, the switch to a 1 wire is fairly easy right? Because they are so much better than wiring the other crap.
  3. I'm working on rewiring the 71 240z and am just trying to get everything labeled, there is a KEM ign box with wires coming out of it and I cannot figure out if I even need this anymore, and if I do, where do these wires go? L28, going to have a 4 bbl Holley, and am using the 18 circuit painless harness. Thanks in advance!
  4. I see now. Well I don't see it being a problem. The car will be rarely driven and I will have all the stock stuff around just in case.
  5. I do not care about the performance difference. Just less clutter in the engine bay. There are no smog laws the car is a 71. If you are just talking emissions only, who cares.
  6. I don't have any smog? Unless that was a joke I get it haha. So in theory it should not change the way it will run correct?
  7. I have a 240z that I am converting to 4bbl. For ease of tuning (V8s all my life), and it is on the cheaper side than Webers or some custom setup. I believe they used air injection, at least I think thats what it is, on the older 240s, for the SUs, would it do any harm to remove them from the exhaust manifold and weld them up?
  8. actually thats good to know because I'm looking at getting this done For me at this point, it's either make up a new dash out of Fiberglass, get a whole dash cover(cheapest and easiest) or get it upholstered (best looking imo,but most expensive ) Anyone have any price estimates on what something like getting it covered in material will cost? I can call, but of course I'm too lazy
  9. So a new coil would be the fix right? I'm not familiar with ballast resistors, so clue me in.
  10. alright, I'll try that. But the whole thing needs to be rewired anyways, so I'll just get a new one for it. Any other suggestions?
  11. This could be a unique problem, not sure tho so here's the issue: one day it stopped working like it should, one day it was working fine, we removed the air conditioning unit, and the next it refuses to hold idle. What happens is when you turn the key, the engine runs and revs fine, but when you let go of the key, it dies instantly. So obviously starter is fine, and we think the carbs are fine too, but we can't figure out for the life of us what is wrong. The air filter is off fyi. Vacuum advance is disconnected. Compression is real good so this is quite confusing for me an
  12. Keep the suggestions coming in! BRAAP: oh my, that first pic you put of suede/leather covered is amazing. Is there a thread somewhere that I can find how to make stuff like that?
  13. Alright, here's the story, when I get my father's 240z Eventually, I want to have an entire plan as to what I'm going to do with it. I have some really radical plans, and I really really want to make this car live like the day it was born. I need ideas for the dash. The current one I tried to fix with the alternate dash repair method but it ended up cracking and stuff. I still have the original dash in there, so I need some ideas. I've got a few ideas, and I'm willing to learn or get other people to fiberglass/weld etc... If you voted on something, let me know why you did, and you
  14. yeah mine ended up cracking, but I probably didn't do it all that well... I'm just going to give in and get a full dash cover, they look great and you can barely tell that they're there... plus it's not that much more expensive than all the products you have to use to do this with... Oh and what I found to work much better than mixing the two products together for the bumper repair stuff, get a two piece epoxy product, it's immensely cheaper and works the same if not better because it's easier to sand down.
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