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  1. Yeah it was loose... I just ripped the whole engine out as it has 232,*** miles on it and I am sure the previous owner did not maintain it as well as he thought. It had compression of 120psi on 5 of 6 cylinders and cylinder 4 had 90psi. It is getting a full rebuild. While I am at it I think I will upgrade the fuel rail and some other crap too, why not right.
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    From the album: 1982 280zx

  3. Twiggs280zx

    1982 280zx

  4. Twiggs280zx


    From the album: 1982 280zx

  5. Twiggs280zx


    From the album: 1982 280zx

  6. Twiggs280zx


    From the album: 1982 280zx

  7. Twiggs280zx

    Resized 28.jpg

    From the album: 1982 280zx

    My Z with the WRX
  8. Here is my newest Z. 1982 280zx n/a. The previous owner didn't take care of the engine as well as he had claimed so this week I am ripping its heart out and rebuilding it from the bottom up. I was going to replace the whole engine but after carful consideration I decided WTF is the fun in that?...
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