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  1. Honestly, I figured if someone had experienced the same issue, it would have been discussed in the SDS forum. Further, I know there are specific anomalies between the 240z, 260z, and 280z. However, If anybody can elaborate on why the crane ignition system doesn't require the trigger from the OEM electronic ignition module, then I would appreciate your insight. Nigel, the reason I connected both wires is because the crane installation manual states to cut and connect any wire that was originally connected to the coil. Although I did not share this information previously, I referenced anot
  2. I seldom post, but I thought I would share my experience because it may help out one of you in the future... Background: I own a 74 Datsun 260z with a L28ET motor. I purchased the SDS EM-5 E/MSD to replace the stock 82 turbo ECU and wiring because I could not adjust the fuel management system enough to stop the gray smoke from my exhaust. I purchased two (used) and one new crane HI-6S ignition systems because I thought the first two were faulty. The setup took me maybe a weekend but the troubleshooting lasted two months. After months of going over both SDS and Crane install I determine
  3. Thnx, I realized after double checking the FSM that I didn't have the cam lobes set correctly. I appreciate you confirming it
  4. I am not sure how I could have set everything prior to taking the chain off because I replaced the cam/crankshaft sprockets too. Further, I set the crankshaft to TDC prior to removing the chain and gears. Since the valves were misaligned, I did adjust those after removing the chain and sprockets.
  5. I am replacing the timing chain on my 82 turbo motor and the cam sprocket isn't lining up according to the haynes manual. The manual does not contain any further instructions if you replace the chain/sprockets and alignment isn't correct. According to FSM the #1 piston should look like this: Mine looks like this: and The camshaft sprocket is set in the #1 dowel but does not look like the FSM mine looks like this The TDC for piston #1 is set and the crankshaft sprocket is set like the FSM: I don't want to arbitrarily set the tim
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