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  1. Wonderful work!!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. John has them, and thinks he might already have them scanned. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he'd look
  3. Great progress!! I too am changing the size and shape of the back window and doors. Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Aww, cool, thanks for the insight.. I've been seriously considering the Automirage..
  5. Amazing pics Jeff!!! Thanks so much for sharing them! I have thought about building one of the BMW based kits.. Were those this kit? http://mirageautomotive.co.uk/
  6. Thanks! The nose on yours looks more like an Alpha1 that someone cut the hood down on though. I'm going on the shape of the carious openings in the nose and the shape of the area around the parking lights, primarily. Looks like a great start!! Did you join the Facebook group too?
  7. Can't wait to see your progress pics!
  8. It's looking amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Is it okay if I share these with the GTO replica fans on our Facebook group ?
  9. Aww.. i missed that story.. and have a few of his books. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Welcome, Rockford! I have seen a few completed cars in Canada in the last few weeks.. I'll do some digging and see if I can find again too
  11. YES!! Wonderful job!!! How did you modify the stock window frames?
  12. Nope, and neither can most V8s people put in this chassis. 6400 rpm stock, well blueprinted maybe 7000, which is more than most overhead valve, non race prepped, single cam engines as it has overhead cams. I do want a Hartley type V8 for my black fiero .. that goes to 14k redline.. but the price still hurts my brain.
  13. The 12 weighs less than a cast iron Small Block Chevy V8.. I think mine was about 325lbs.. an 12 cylinder has a distinct sound and smoothness.. The original GTOs had an all aluminum (2.5 liter) SOHC V12.. the BMW is 5-6 liter, SOHC and external dimensions and weight are about the same as the Ferrari engine Different strokes for different folks (pun intended)
  14. Also, did you get ignition system figured out? I followed the discussion on one of the BMW forums and saw Fred with the V12 Vette was showing his setup with 12 individual coils. I run 6 dual plug coils and waste spark (fire coils on both the compression and exhaust stroke), which means any ignition computer that can fire 6 coils can manage it. And I batch fire injectors To fire 12 + injectors individually i would need to either get an EFI technologies ECU (almost $5k) or treat the engine as 2 six cylinders and run a computer for the left bank, and another for the right bank.. even with the EFI Tech ECU, you still have to use waste spark.. Short of a custom configured MoTeC M880, with 12 ignition outputs (for around $3k), waste spark is necessary unless you want to treat the engine like 2 six cylinders.
  15. Welcome!! Isn't this the car that was listed with several Alphas on "Bring a trailer" in the Pacific northwest a couple months ago? Glad to see you're digging in on the car. Also I love the Montreal! I have a couple Urracos, which share the same distributor cap Your car is looking great! Please post more!
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